Getting Wiper Marks off Windshield

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Aug 6, 2013
I've tried invisible glass and another kind of glass wax and I can't seem to get the wiper marks off my windshield. It is pretty noticeable when there is any kind of glare. pretty annoying.

Any products that may help? clay bar?
The wiper marks are actually fine scratches. They need to be buffed, or cut, with some cerium oxide paste and a buffer. A good detailing shop should be able to do this for you.
you need to approach a glass shop to seek professional help. They have fine polishing compound to polish off fine glass scratch marks ...

I wouldn't hit the abrasives until you know squarely the cause.

Most of my marks are wiper rubber goo, not much but enough to cause some glare.

Have you tried a razor blade and clay lube, followed by a relatively rough microfiber towel(s) (say Harbor Freight cheapies) with 99% IPA?
Just replace the windshield.
I have found that a side benefit to Rain-X, is that it removes the wiper blade line. This is the original stuff, in the small bottle.

Apply it per the directions, and as you are wiping it on, you will notice the wiper line disappear right before your eyes.

If you are talking about wiper marks that are so bad, it appears as wear on the windshield, nothing is going to get rid of that. But if you are referring to nothing more than an arc on the windshield, then Rain-X is the answer.
Just in addition to what you said about Rain-X.
I have my own method of applying & removing R-X!

I put it on the glass and let it dry to it's normal smear, letting the R-X set for a while.

Then, I just wash the car regularly as I would normally. First starting with the wheels/tires and moving to the rest of the vehicle.

This way you're not rubbing & rubbing, trying to remove all the smear from the glass they you'll see in certain sunlight(all the stuff you didn't remove well!).

I'll even let the R-X sit there on the glass while I vacuum the interior first, before doing anything else so I am not standing in water.

Always keep the wipers in the UP position so they don't contact the R-X. My wipers don't like anything alcohol on them.
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