"Full" branded Transmission filter for my 5EAT Subaru transmission?

I know that most insist on only OEM oil and trans filters for Subarus and I have largely followed that rule. This time was no exception. I ordered what I thought was a 38325AA032 OEM transmission filter for my Subaru.

Now I understand that the OEM filter is intended to be lifetime but I am about to do a few drain and fills on my Subaru Tribeca and am also doing so work in the vicinity of the filter.

I ordered it on Fleabay. I am usually pretty good at weeding through junk and sometimes Ebay is cheaper than Amazon but not as much any more. Instead of the OEM transmission filter a "Full" branded filter came. The rub is that I ended up getting the filter for free because it took so long to arrive. The ad said "Full" and I thought nothing of it because it had the OEM part number in the subject line. It did not say it replaced the OEM part.

Would you put this filter on your Subaru or toss it and just get an OEM? I am inclined to install it. Free is free...but at what cost?

Here is a link to the filter:

Amazon product