Fram TG10060 cut open - small tear

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Apr 8, 2013
I recently cut open a Fram TG10060 that was on my 2012 Chevy Silverado 5.3L for ~5.5k miles. Everything looked really good, very pliable anti-drainback valve, very straight pleats, very strong end caps and very straight. However, when I looked really close inside one of the pleats there was a small hole. It's hard to see in the pictures but the tear is about 1mm along the inside of one of the pleats. I would have completely missed it until some of the oil had drained out and really looked closely with light shining through. The hole is in the pic #3 and 4 near the middle. It looks like a metal sliver but that is the light showing through the hole/slit.

It doesn't really worry me as it was very small but it was there. A Fram Ultra went on replacing the TG.



Small slit of a hole:

A closer maybe clearer pic of the hole:

Yeah, I see it. I wonder how big it would have been after a 10k OCI? Other than that, the filter looks great. But it's a 2012 SBC with a short OCI so a great looking filter is expected. Thanks for posting.
I never thought about filters tearing that way. Good looking straight pleats though. I'll definitely keep an eye out for these on my future filters.
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I don't think a small hole in a filter is big deal. Most of the oil is probably still being filtered and with the oil circulating through the filter multiple times, the debris is eventually going to be caught. Holes probably develop quite often but are never noticed.
Tears are never desirable, but at least this tear is smaller than the Puro tears we have seen. And who knows what damage, if any is resulting from these tears. Either way, I wont use a filters that have a history of tearing. Glad I have Fram Ultra full synthetic wire backed filters on both cars in my sig.
Rare occurrence ... but if there are many reported then something is amiss.
Said it before, stuff can happen no matter the brand. Mass produced item. Pondering the same question second poster suggested about using for the 10k max.

On a related note, kudos to you for posting good views of the areas I take most interest in on the fiber offerings, the dome endcap/centertube area with the leaf spring/bypass assy removed. This one looks quite good with good crimp impressions and the fiber completely covering the centertube end so a good seal maintained. Endcaps straight and parallel too. And though the adbv end is not shown, based on the dome end no reason to expect anything different. I now think of it as the 'edhackett' view after the member that has long paid attention to and noted that particular area.

Other than the tear, this one looks good.

Thanks for the pics.
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Rare occurrence ... but if there are many reported then something is amiss.

Kind of make you wonder if it is rare or not. Most of the time we don't look at those areas, or the filter has oil. We may just focus on the problem areas like the seam, and adjoining pleats, waviness, etc. and not thoroughly inspect it like the OP.
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