Fram Extra Guard PH7317 C&P


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Jul 22, 2010
Ran on a 2004 Infinity G35 (3.5L V6) with ~167K miles (engine is real clean). Filter was ran ~4,000 miles with 5W-30.

This Fram EG has a crimped metal seam, and the end caps and pleats looked pretty straight. Nothing bad that I could see. Lots of oil still inside the filter (meaning the silicone ADBV was working well), and no start-up noises were ever noticed on this car. Date code "0315" indicates it was made on the 315th day of 2020 (Feb 20, 2020). Not bad for a 95% @ 20u filter rated for 10K miles for $3.88 at Walmart.

Fram Extra Guard PH7317-1.jpg

Fram Extra Guard PH7317-2.jpg

Fram Extra Guard PH7317-3.jpg

Fram Extra Guard PH7317-4.jpg

Fram Extra Guard PH7317-5.jpg

Fram Extra Guard PH7317-6.jpg
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Does look really, really good.

Very good job Zee.... Is this your first cut open filter posted on here ?
Thanks ... I've done a few other C&Ps over the years (couple of PureOnes and an Ultra I think) ... but don't do many like some here.
pretty good looking filter. In my car i was able to squeeze a 9688 instead of a 7317. has the same gasket id and od and thread of course just has some extra width on the can but it's worth it since it costs the same.
I've been using the fram extra guard oil filter for years way before the new silicone drain back valve,. You can use conventional or synthetic oil... It's a great bargain, I run them up to 5,000 miles....That filter looks good!