Found TropArtic 5W/20

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Oct 30, 2005
South Dakota
I was able to find TropArtic 5W/20 at a local parts store today. But at $2.29 per quart, I don't think I'll be buying it too soon. There were a couple of older bottles of TA 5W/20 on the shelf behind it. It was SL rated and did not say "synthetic blend".
I also was looking for the al1usive TropArtic 5w/20. Found some 25 miles down the road at a little fuel stop. It was $2.59 per quart.
After speaking to the owner he said he would sell it by the case of 12 for $25.95 plus tax.
I had to say no thank you.
Motorcraft 5w/20 is $2.07 at Wally World.
Just to make you guys cry, when I went on my stash binge for 10W-30 TropArtic last August at three area Dollar Tree stores, they also had TONS of 5W-20 available. This was the "SM" synthetic blend good stuff. While ConocoPhillips' tribologists seem to have engineerd a topnotch motor oil, I really have to wonder which bodily orifice the company's marketing people have their heads parked in.
Not open for further replies.