found a firearm I'd forgot I owned-

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Dec 23, 2013
Seems kinda silly, but going thru the 'vault' that I hadn't been into for some time, I ran across an unfamiliar pump shotgun. It's a 1300 Winchester 12g deer gun (w/sights). It took a minute, then I recalled it was a raffle item I'd won years ago. At the time, my dad was nearing his end on this earth and I was dealing with all that. I guess I just put it away and forgot about it. Anyway, it seems like a nice shotgun with a very smooth action. So this is unfired and not something I would have bought as in my hunting years I used my Win Model 100 in .308 followed by Ruger .44 carbine with a Remington 1100 slug as back up. I also ran across other near forgotten stuff including some old .351 ammo. This reminded me that dad said this from his first deer hunt upon returning home after WW2-using a borrowed early Win auto rifle that had been a recovered Dillinger gun from the 30's. All brought back lots of memories of hunts and times past. Anyway, anyone familar or have opinions on this later model pump?
The Win 1300 is decent pump gun. I had a Winchester 1300 Defender for home protection several years back. They are a fast pump action and feature a rotary bolt lockup instead of a tilting block like Remington and Mossberg use. Perfectly useable gun. I sold mine and replaced it with a Remmington 1100 I "tacticalized"
I agree with Rob; I have 2 of them (standard and walnut field model). One was mine and the other my Dad's. Both of them have performed flawlessly through the years and i have never had an issue with them. A Super X2 replaced them as the "favorites" some time back.
Congrats on the "find"!
It's like digging through your pockets and finding a $20 bill in there, but a LOT better!

While I have never found a gun in my vault that I didn't know I have, I do have some I've acquired but never got around to shooting and they just sit in the back displacing volume.
Nothing wrong with the win 1200/1300. It is often put down by those who think the only Winchester pump should be the Model 12. Like the 870 and 500, it's made to a price point. They will get the job done and last a long time. Often the 1300 carries easier and points better than a 870 for me. I had one in 20ga, that I bought when Walmart was closing them out. A cousin of a friend wanted a shotgun, so I let it go. It was a good gun, and as far as I know he's still shooting it to this day.

There was an upland model listed right before they discontinued them. Would have liked one of those, english style stock and compact barrel.
The later Speed Pump and current Super x Pump look to me to be a continuation of the Winchester 1200/1300 with a few tweaks, most of them cosmetic. FN-USA, who owns Winchester's firearms division also markets the design as the FN P-12.

Can't be too bad if FN is willing to slap their brand name on it.
Thanks for the info guys. I actually just now realized that Minnesota deer season is near. This isn't the for sale section, but if someone local to me has a need/interest, let me know. Otherwise it will probably end up(along with other stuff) in the hands of some of my wife's entitled relatives who always have an empty wallet and hands out.
Nice "find." I have one for several years now and use it often. No problems to report.
I have a 1300 Featherweight. GREAT bird gun. Beautiful gun, nice wood. It is VERY light and big loads really tear you up.

This is another "You know you have too many guns when........" I occasionally "find" one I haven't shot in over a year.
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