Formula Mazda (13b rotary engine) oil

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Feb 14, 2012
I am trying to decide what the best oil to use for a Formula Mazda (Open wheel racecar) with a tuned and sealed 13b Mazda Rotary engine with 170rwhp. These cars do not have dry sump oil systems and are designed for road course racing conditions. The RPM is limited to 6800rpm. Weight and brand/type others have used or suggest with a reason why you suggest it. THANKS!
I believe those require NON syn. otherwise not sure. would depend on how the engine is built, and type of use among other things.
I'll chime in on the "non-synthetic". It's been many years ago, but way back when I heard from several RX-7 owners that Mazda recommended against the use of synthetic oil in their rotary engines. Maybe that's changed, but if it was my engine I'd look for some Mazda RX-7/rotary forums for more up to date and specific advice.
I don't think they are picky on oil but they should get a conventional. Start at 10W30 to minimize power loss. They burn a little oil part by design and especially as they age so you might step up 15W40 or maybe 10W40 to smooth it out. They usually have an oil cooler so I think 10W30 should be the way to go if you are trying to maximize power.
I have an 1984 Mazda rx-7 race car and i use royal purple 10-40. A friend of mine used to run a Formula Mazda and would use valvoline synpower 20w-50.
It is explicitly stated in all of our parts manuals as well as owners manuals that you cannot use syn in the rotaries.
Does it use a seperate resevoir for the oil injection? Does it use premix in the fuel? If so I would use a syn in the engine. 6800 seems low for a rotary. Are these like the cars in the star mazda series?
The Idemitsu link has a lot of good info. They've really done their homework on lubrication for Wankel engines. Their racing rotary engine oil sounds like a steal at $7.50/quart. Since your engine is relatively low output and limited to 6800 rpm, I think you should go with the 10w30. Maybe it will save you a couple of horsepower, which is important in a spec series.
I have RX-8 and I run mix of redline 5w30 and their 30wt racing oil..I would use either that or Idemitsu..mobil 0w-40 would be last resort
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