Ford Fusion Alignment Question

Aug 22, 2017
Mt. Vernon, NY
Hey guys. I’m looking for some advice. I took my Fusion in for a wheel alignment today since I swapped out of my winter tires and noticed my driver side wheel camber was noticeably negative. The mechanic put it on the rack and started by attempting to adjust the camber. He was unable to get it within spec. He told me that the struts were worn and need to be replaced.

I have no problem replacing the struts if these are, in fact, the problem. I haven’t noticed any issues with handling or ride, except for minor vibrations when I first drive the car after sitting overnight and occasional side to side wheel feedback through the steering wheel.

Can worn struts cause negative camber that cannot be corrected with an alignment? Can there possibly be another component that may be the cause? Like I said, I am willing to change the struts but I want to make sure that this is the cause. Is there any way to verify?
I'd expect a bad spring to change the geometry more than a worn strut. You could have a bent strut, though. Could be time for some quick-struts!
Closely inspect for worn/bent/damaged components
If none are found, and it's not cost effective to throw parts at it, camber bolts are readily available at a reasonable price

With camber bolts in, toe and camber should be able to be brought into spec

Why isn't caster being measured?
And why is everything in inches, not degrees?


My last alignment sheet for reference