Fleetgurad Restore

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Jun 7, 2009
We have this '03 Fendt 926 with a Man diesel engine in it on our farm. Tractor had about 3000 hours on it and the coolant only had about 1000 hours on it. If we put it under any kind of load it would run right to the red on the temp gauge at which time the engine would derate and bring the temp back down a little. Anyway, I narrowed it down to a problem with the radiator so I used this Fleetguard Restore product. Followed the directions and ran it through the system for about 2 hours and flushed it out and completely took care of the overheating problem. Was really surprised to find a product to work so well so quickly. Ran it all day today with no issues. It comes in a gallon jug to treat a 10 gallon system but I'm sure you can use a portion for smaller systems.
I bought the stuff awhile ago for another piece of equipment but ended up not using it so I don't recall the price. I purchased it through a Cummins dealership. There is info on it on Fleetguard.com. Click on the Products icon on the top, then the Cooling System icon, and then the Cleaning icon.
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