FL820 filter cut open May 16 2021

It's dated Jan 2020. Was installed Feb 2020. Removed by me in Jan 2021. It sat upright draining for many months until I cut it open. Perhaps it dried out? Some time variables there. When I cut it open, several ounces of oil did seep from the container that were still captured in the can.

I didn't examine it carefully, but the end cap felt and appeared like a very hard strong adhesive kept it fastened to the media. I'd best describe it like a hardened peanut brittle, adhesive that kept the end cap on the filter media. Having no experience opening these up, I don't know if this is normal, good or bad. But it was held together extremely well. I didn't bother trying to remove other end, because I had nothing to leverage against it (e.g. I didn't have another end cap to pull against). I'm not a mechanic nor engineer but it appeared very well made to me.

I understand the concern of the 2 widened pleats, but having no evidence this is a material issue it doesn't seem to impact performance therefore doesn't worry me.

I understand how the backflow valve works and apparently this is a good design. Some other brands have a worse design, as I understand it.
You bet they have a worse design-the media could be a little stronger on the MCs, but the ADBV is AWESOME! The MGM went another week of sitting, still no startup noise whatsoever! I love the Ultras, but the Ford modular V8/V6 engine just doesn't agree with them at all.