First check engine light on Sonata (2013 2.4L) Bank 1 Sensor 2.

Feb 19, 2009
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Yep!, first check engine light to date on the 13 sonata 2.4L.. I was sweating this one let me tell ya., I for some reason 🤔 was anticipating a multiple misfire code or something like that because of the 2.4l "issues". Hooked up reader and thankfully it's "only" a 02 sensor Bank 1 sensor 2. I take it this is the one after the cat? I think I'm going to go OEM, since the original sensor lasted almost 10 years and 67K miles.. Should this sensor of lasted longer? I would of like it to, but again picked up this car in 2019 with less then 2K miles on it. It literally used one tank of gas a year for the first seven years of its life, so I believe that has something to do with it.
The OEM sensor from the dealer is $204 dollars. I looked on eBay and found new old stock OEM for 50 bucks. Should I take the gamble on new old stock? or buy form dealer, or throw in a Bosch and call it good? I deleted the code and it has not came back but I'm still going to replace it. (And no I don't use MMO in the sonata since "DI", so we can't blame MMO in this situation.) lol
Thanks for the feedback. 🙃
If you have a scanner, you can see it working. Anything above 0.5 is good but they do tent to fail getting lazy on the readings below 0.5 volts.
If you have a scanner, you can see it working. Anything above 0.5 is good but they do tent to fail getting lazy on the readings below 0.5 volts.
I was going to ask this!
I did do live data scan, and as soon as you touch the throttle in park and with engine warm readings drops to 0.00V. I did not scan it cold.
If you want to shoot parts at your Sonata, I would say to change out the downstream sensor(sensor 2).
And yes, use OEM even if you buy it elsewhere and not the dealer.
Yeah, they're pricey so, $50 is a good price. RockAuto has a DENSO downstream for $72+ shipping.
Do you know what OE brand is in your car?...NGK, DENSO?
Make sure you don't have exhaust leaks/rot around that area. This could be why the sensor is failing.
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The OE o2 sensor might be manufactured by Mando. Hyundai sources most of their ignition coils and some o2 sensors from them. Most Hyundais have a NTK o2 sensor from the factory
FWIW, I just bought a Mando HVAC blower exactly the same as original for $50. Dealer wanted $191 + tax. Not in stock, would take 4 or 5 days. Amazon next day delivery.

Hint ....... get oem part number, then do a search for that p/n. You'll be surprised at what is available.

Lots of Mando parts on H/K. Alternators, starters, other electrical are oem.
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Update: I still did not get around to doing this yet, deleted the one original code (o2 sensor Bank 1 sensor 2) a few weeks ago, but it returned recently stronger than ever with additional codes.. 🤔

Do I have a wiring issue on the car or is the O2 sensor just shot and throwing all these other codes?
What's really odd is before I deleted the codes again, I "moved" all the o2 sensor (only sensor 2) wires and verified connectors to see if it was just a loose connector. deleted all the codes and the light did not come back. I have the genuine NTK o2 sensor ready to be put on... Im just waiting for the winter oil change to install it.


"One tank of gas a year for the first seven years."
But but... It had above BITOG maintenance... or maybe the shop was taking advantage of grandma.

it had 9 oil changes over 7.5 years, or about every 225 miles / 9 months.. every tank of gas was a oil change. 😲

im also sure the engine was not even broken in yet and grandma never redlined in these initial 2000 miles or seven ish years. It even had the original tires.

I think the only thing that "saved" this sonata is it sat in climate controlled garage 99.8% of the time. never drove in rain or snow, so while the gas was in the tank for a year or more at a time, it was out of elements.

and yes I know sitting is not great for a vehicle, but have put almost 70K on it as of today, and minus transmission fluids/synthetic oil and oem filter changes, spark plugs, air filter, cabin air filter, brakes, tires.... its all original, and think one check engine light is acceptable especially if it's only a 02 sensor.
Does your scanner do live graphing? I have found that's the best way to diagnose an O2 sensor. If you don't know what to look for on the graph, there are online videos or just use a graphing scanner in another car that's not setting O2 codes to get the idea.
I attempted to do this over the weekend even with the Thin Wall o2 sensor socket and could not get it to budge. So I stopped while I was ahead give my local shop a ring and he had it done in a matter of minutes with heat.

No more check engine light. I used a brand new oem o2 sensor.

It's just the start for you my friend. I hope your experience is better than mine. Unbelievable the uselessness of these fops at the stealership. Every thing is 'talk to the manager' beyond basic secretarial activities. Fat women saying "I looked up the vin" and put 5w-20 in my turbo car "it's fine it's what the computer said".