First 80+ degree day and my AC went out.

There is a YouTube video that I watched many months ago about how to fix the clutch on Hondas. I don't have time to search for that video for you now so you'll have to search for yourself. But as the clutch wears there are some things you can do to make up for the wear on the way the clutches assembled. You have to take the clutch apart and make a slight adjustment and put it back together and you're good to go for a lot more miles. It's not very hard to do and it doesn't cost you anything but your time and the use of your tools.
On the Honda that the video was made the mechanic access the clutch while it was still on the vehicle and did that by removing a wheel well guard if I remember correctly. So even though the AC system clutch looks like it's hard to get to it might be that you can access it enough to do the minor job that's required to fix it if it is the clutch that is your problem.
Do most cars run the AC compressor when you run defrost?

Most have a switch to cut off the AC compressor when the low side pressure gets too low; so if it's cold enough out, the AC compressor won't run in defrost. Some will cut off the cooling fan instead of the AC compressor. (This is how a low-ambient kit that allows running a standard central air split system in the winter works, it cuts off the condenser fan when the low side pressure drops too much...why might you want to do that.. because you're using one to cool a computer room).
I’d want to know the pressures. That’s the first self-protect.

Doubtful that the compressor “went” so bad because you’d seize it up. But the clutch could be bad, and other interlocks that keep things from turning on.
The $10 relay did the job and the compressor kicked on and is blowing cold air. Thanks for all the suggestions and help!
The problem is some of them had replacing just about everything in the AC system....Just start with the basics....The ac relay should always be first... Glad you fixed it...
Like I said, find another shop.
Honda dealers replaced these by the tens of thousands (still are), and they didn't replace the compressors when doing so (except in a small number of cases). Furthermore, Honda's warranty extension only covered the clutch, not the compressor, so if the compressor was bad the customer paid for it's replacement.
Aftermarket the clutches are very cheap, but going OEM clutch/coil were more expensive than entire aftermarket compressor, so had lots of customers go that route
My AC guy is an old school mechanic and freaking awesome. If it needs just a recharge it’s $30.

My truck needs recharged every 15 months or so. Slow leak. I’ll gladly pay $30 for 15 months of cold air.