Filling a gas-powered vehicle can still be cheaper than charging an electric one

I have been watching CNN because they actually have people on the ground in the Ukraine-where FOX has talking heads pontification with no one actually on the ground. But yeah-I hear the fanaticism.
Just to make this post more accurate, Fox has a number of reporters on the ground. Two of them were killed recently.
The Keystone pipeline does indeed supply crude to several refineries in the United States including at least 3 here in Illinois, The keystone XL was to be an additional leg of that pipeline that was a money grab for export oil pushed by the API and a potential environmental disaster.
Why is it a potential for disaster when the Keystone and others are not?
This whole energy situation is politics, done on purpose.
I’m not saying electric cars are bad, are going to be bad, or should be avoided, but this isn’t going to be a clean landing for anyone. It’s like cable: a lot of people cancelled cable and went with these internet Roku sticks, YouTube tv, whatever. I did, I love it and still do, BUT the costs went up. And so did the internet service that was provided by...the CABLE COMPANY. It’s not really a bargain anymore but a choice, an option. It’s nice to have options but don’t think that you’re going to be saving much on energy costs because everyone someday might be driving an electric car. Because the real reason is not for the “environment “, it’s for profit. It’s a business.

But it also give us options while possibly helping the environment. That could be a good thing. It also could mean that for the next ten years oil companies are going to raise their prices and get all they can, while they can...probably while also investing in the electric market. Cost of a barrel of oil fell to under $100 yesterday, yet it’s still $4.29 where I am. Let’s drill more? The US already is the number 1 producer of oil in the world. We are already the number 1 refiner in the world. We are the number 5 exporter in the world. We invented hydro fracking. We took a drill, and discovered we can go down 13,000 feet, right through aqua ducts, take a hard right, and blast the ever living day lights out of shale, fracture it and suck out enough oil to exceed ten oil rigs. Yet, we are still paying highly at the pump. And 20 billion a year in subsidies is still not enough help? It’s a business. And the electric car industry is the same. And those chargers will have to be run on something, and it won’t be solar or windmills (At least not for a while). A lot of people are going to get rich off this, and it probably won’t be you.

If the electric market takes off ten years from now, holding onto that gasoline car might be a wise (and cheap) investment. At least we may have options.
Filled up what?
The big issue is that most ev owners aren't paying road taxes when charging. Add that States are looking to charge road taxes and the fact that the usa doesn't produce enough electricity to support large-scale adoption of ev's.
I had to reply to differ on this (at least in my state of Georgia). My registration costs for my EV are ~$220 annually versus ~$22 if I had an ICE. I know many other states who have high EV adoption have implemented high fixed registration costs as well to hybrids and EV. I am paying far more now in road taxes in my state than what I was paying in my gasser/diesel ownership time.

**Correction my annual registration is $242. At our state gas tax of just under .30/gallons this is the equivalent of 733 gallons of gas or diesel.
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