Favorite seasoning?

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
I'm not much into going crazy with fresh herbs and such, but I do use a ton of in the bottle seasonings. My favorite ready to go all purpose seasoning is some stuff called Vegit. Has a yellow top on the bottle. I use it in everything but coffee and cereal! You ot to try some if you can find it at the store. I also use some stuff called Garlic Garni but it's hard to find.

The Vegit: they also make several other similar all purpose seasonings, one called Spike. I really don't care for the Spike as it has more salt than true salt!

What kind of seasonings in the bottle do you like?
Dry powder/rub. Tony Chachere's (I think it's pronounced as sash) Original Creole Seasoning. Steaks, shrimp, chicken, ribs. Just about anything that's not still moving under it's own power!

Hmm, season what kind of food? Before or after cooking? I generally use pepper, marjoram or oregano, thyme and rosemary on meat and fowl. I may use bay leaves, laurel berries, cloves and cardamom when cooking stews or marinating meat. I go very easy on the salt. I use a fair amount of paprika and sometimes turmeric, depending on the dish.
A good simple combo is morton low sodium salt, black pepper and garlic powder... I use that a lot when Im lazy, as those three are always out.

I love old bay.. even on chicken breasts it is really good... and it makes french fries top-notch!

Chef Paul Prudhomme's "Blackened redfish magic" is good for most anything too. I just used that and soy sauce on some fresh Alaskan salmon today, and it was really good!

Tony Chachere's Cajun seasoning added to melted butter. Then brushed on shelled,deveined,skewered shrimp laid on grill. If the good lord ever made anything better he kept it for himself!

Take lean dark meats like venison, mutton, or certain cuts of beef and marinate them cut 1/4" thick across the grain in salty slighty watered-down buttermilk for a day.

Dry the meat thoroughly, then salt and pepper and dust with minimal flour. Deep fry until the pieces float for 30-60seconds. Dip in KETCHUP of all things for a tasty nugget refused by none. Gorging may ensue in some cases, especially with venison backstrap and tenderloin.
Old Bay and one called no-salt seasoning,(generic) and Janes crazy mixed up salt,if you can have salt,heck I have mixed up these three with some garlic powder and get it all.BL
Try some of the Trader Joe's dry mixes. Not too bad.

For dry meat rubs I usually mix my own. Hint: for rib rubs mix in some dry mustard powder.

I love Old Bay for seafood boils. But I usually add some dry red pepper flakes,
For convenicence reasons I keep some of Gourmet Garden pastes around. I use their cilantro, ginger, parsley and Italian herb pastes that come in toothpaste-style stubes. I tend to run out of fresh stuff when I suddenly need them, so that Aussi backup works fine, although it isn't organic. And don't get me started on the "Eva Fresh" patent and how that sounds...

I just woke up screaming from a nightmare. Skippy the bush kangaroo demanded to see immediately the label on my herb paste.



This terrible image quality is the best I'm willing to offer at 0 four hundred.
Salt. There are others available that are quite tasty, but, leave out the salt and I think a meal is pretty much inedible.
I'm a salt junky too but last time I had a physical, the doc said lay off the salt or you'll die. Yea, I used to use A LOT, I mean, A LOT of salt. Man, food tastes bland as **** now
You will get used to it and later taste the actual food not the Sodium. We havn't used any salt for yonks and I read every packet/bottle etc for sodium content before purchase. Hopefully your not a smoker as they don't have any working tastebuds anyway?
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