Fav and Not Fav Car Options

Feb 16, 2005
Scituate MA
Thinking about all the different car options over the years, funny what you expect or get use to.

Car: 2011 Volvo xc 90

Like: Favorite option on my car is having the doors NOT auto lock.

Don't Like: Time clock in not on radio.
I like the Driver Information Display where, in one form or another, you can see oil pressure, water temp, mileage (including real time), oil minder display, tire pressure, etc.

I love alloy wheels ...

I don't like side-view mirrors that don't fold towards the body.
Fav=fuzzy dice
Not Fav=seat belt/air bag warning lights

My wife HATES the HVAC control in the touchscreen in her new Subaru outback . Only the defrost and temp up/dn are hard buttons.

I hated that if I had a tmps failure ( like from mounting snows on steelies ) the car would not allow you to shut off traction control.
Try getting up my hill of a driveway with no tire slip - it ain't happening. The car is Criminally crippled by ninny nannies.

I liked that on my base VW Jetta lease car, I could program just which doors unlocked with the first or second button push on the key fob remote. When buying groceries, I put them in the back seat and floor in the DS, I could hit the button and it
would unlock the DS-F and DS-R doors simultaneously. Fantastic!

Edit - Got to add rear view camera. On some cars, it's the only way to park, and I'm a "back her in" guy - learned from my skunk drunk pub days back in the 80's
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Fav=fuzzy dice
Not Fav=seat belt/air bag warning lights

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I HATE fuzzy dice ! But I am too young to be a greaser - no DA for me. NO A line skits or floods and bobby sox memories here.

Now, How can you see out the windshield with that junk dangling in the way? Almost as bad as the 80's and 90's with people hanging CD's from the mirror.
Sorry, nothing PERSONAL Passport1, just one of those peeves ....
This is for "options" not "features", right? I mean, I can grumble about TPMS also BUT it's mandatory and now all cars have it, so it's not an option.

My mind was blown when I was able to adjust the power seat in my car while driving. The ability to safely tweak seat position while driving... crazy!
Favorite Feature, Auto climate control and Auto Headlights, Manual Transmission, Worst Feature, I can't stand touch screens in cars and especially the ones that look like a tablet glued on the top of the dash
I just thought of another - winter WW park position heaters. For those lovely days of freezing slush.
On second thawed - they do nothing for me in the morning getting ready to leave. I already have my wipers up to receive VHF :)
Favorite feature, power trunk closer. You should see the look on people's faces when you use. You can open and close it from the driver's seat. Push button start is probably second along with keyless go door handles.
Favorites: heated seats, heated steering wheel, rear camera, auto headlights, auto wipers, xm radio, blind spot monitor, keyless entry and push button start, power memory seat . Auto high beams is good idea but rarely get to use it.

At least on my Toyotas, the voice recognition for making calls, the GPS on 2020 Rav4, and in general, Entune, all stink.
Not-favorite: Built-in navigation systems (most are outdated looking in just a few years plus their UI remains unchanged through a model's generation (I'm not talking about map data))
Favorite: Carplay and/or Android Auto