Fabbing up a brake line

Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
Doing rear brakes on the 95 Skylark. After removing the fitting to the left wheel cylinder in order to replace the leaking cylinder and then pulling it from said cylinder, I noticed brake fluid leaking from the other end of the brake line where its attached to the brake hose. The bending was too much for the rusty line and it opened a hole. Picked up a length of new line and will see how much fun it will be to reproduce the old one with it's numerous bends. I do have all the tools from the last time I did this on a '90 Ranger a few years ago. And no, pre-bent lines are not available.

No problem; a short one like that will be easy.

I prefer the nickel-copper alloy tubing but I don't know it you can get it in short lengths like that. But even if you have to buy a 25-foot roll, you'll have plenty to keep on hand "just in case".

I assume those are bubble flares.... I bought a dedicated bubble-flare tool and I MUCH prefer the flares from it over anything I was getting from the parts-store tool I was using previously (which was supposedly for double flares but also did bubbles).

Good luck. I enjoy a good brake line job as long as access is easy.... And where you're working, I'm sure it is.
Looks like you are on your way! Sometimes a check on a forum with your model car with some checks on EBay can produce results.

You are right on the money. Any vehicle from the 90’s and early 2000’s are prone to brake line corrosion in areas where things get salty. Good luck.