Excessive oil changer!

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
Check out this post I found on one of the LS1 boards:
For the past 30 years or so I have changed oil in the cars/trucks/boats/mowers etc. that I have owned VERY frequently. For the LS1 - SS Camaro every two months I change the oil twice. This involves the first change with cheap dino oil and a new filter. The car is run for about 10 minutes and then a second oil change is done. FOr the second change, I use fully synthetic oil and a new filter. In two months of driving I usually cover about 1,500 miles or so... I have never had any major engine problems, blue smoke, bad valves, noisy valve-trains etc. One Honda I owned went 240K with no problems... So my question is this - I'm I a compulsive oil changer or I'm I justified in changing so much?
It is incredible what people will do. considering the remains of the dino he leaves in from that short change, he's running a blend. And 240,000 k is nothing. I guess he has money to burn.
He is talking about 240,000 miles though, so that's 386,000km. That's not too bad really. But then again Hondas can last that long if you don't totally neglect them. I think Hondas are long lasting because their cooling systems are so small that their engines warm up very fast. So they spend a lot less time running around with cold oil, and have a lot less moisture in their oil as a result.
I guess you have to enjoy changing oil and have to be paranoid about engine cleanliness/durability. Pretty wild and crazy. You only get put on this earth once and for a limited number of years. To spend a large part of it looking up at an oil pan makes very little sense. Unfortunately you only come to this conclusion as you get older [Mad]
What a waste of natural resources [Mad] and I am NO greenneck! I could see doing that as some sort of flush, but EVERY oil change? I go 10,000 mile OCI's on the Volvo 245Ti and I'm almost to 240,000 miles (232K) - so that bit of anecdotal "data" proves little.
Well, I agree with the posts so far but our compulsive changer is spending time under the car changing oil (4-6 hours every two months) and here we are spending how many hours a week talking about it. Who is the more compulsive addict of lubrication?
He should think about all the dry starts as well as dilluting his Synlube. The interesting Topic and Hobby of Lubrication is construed as compulsive? [Smile] Maybe for some but not me. I guess we could all just stay with the TV Commercials to learn about the little moleculer bonds and how it affects those little pistons moving up and down and use the supposed real Synthetics and follow our owners manuals which are written in our best interest without any worries? When it comes to lubrication Blind Faith only thins the wallet [Razz] I believe logging on and meeting new people here,sharing experiences is time well spent. [ November 05, 2002, 08:38 AM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
I'd rather spend more quality time with my car than most people I know ... especially the shallow, back-stabbing jerks in my office. [Mad] (Gee, Bror, you sound bitter!) Seriously, this dude should try and find a group like "Oil Analyzers Anonymous" except dealing with compulsive changers instead. This is a pretty harmless complusion, though, as long as he returns the barely-used oil. --- Bror Jace
Originally posted by Bror Jace: This is a pretty harmless complusion, though, as long as he returns the barely-used oil. --- Bror Jace
Also, much safer and less expensive then a mistress and/or sports car.
I tend to change the oil in my car very frequently too, usually every 2 or 3 months, I do a lot of short distance driving so I prefer to change the oil more often, that's why I tend to stick with dino SL oil, it would be too much of a waste for me to go to synthetic in an older car.
One of the Saab mechanics I use does this kind of thing for ALL the fluids on the car! He doesn't shorten the change intervals like this LS1 guy does, so he's a LITTLE more restrained I guess. Still, it makes services a bit more expensive when you're paying for twice as many filters, quarts, etc. Not to mention all the waste... [Thumbs Down!]
This forum is a great support group for compulsive oil changers. However, I'm not certain the cure is not in fact worse than the disease. Ignorance is bliss and knowledge is sorrow. A thousand years from now, when the locals when asked about who owned these rusting hulks (automobiles), their reply might be (similar to modern Mayas when asked about those who built the abandoned cities): "Those who carried the burden of the oil change!"
If that guy is an analysis customer I need a counseling degree to help him, what a waste since most motor oils can't clean residue out. He's a fool and he's mentally ill . [Duh!] [crushedcar]
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