EPA CI-4 on hold?

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Jul 30, 2002
Columbus, Ohio
I had heard that the trucking industry's pleas may have put the October 2002 clean engine on hold or even cancelled? Reasons given were:
1. No one is buying the new EGR equipped trucks
2. As a result of 1., older trucks will continue to pollute thus negating the intent of the EPA
3. Total costs of 1 were grossly underestimated.
4. Need more time to develop better technologies.
Did the EPA back down???

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It is the GF-4 that has been delayed. I get newsletters that should have mentioned any delay in CI-4 if there was one. Many oils are already certified, and their are a lot of benefits for the old engines as well as the new ones, so it would not hurt to let it ride even if no one bought new trucks. Chevron Delo 400 has passed the CI-4 standards (called PC-9 at the time) (proposed category) since 1998. It was originally scheduled for around Jan of this year, last I heard it is "official" as of September 6.
I thought I had seen a short blurb on the EPA putting the invocation date of the 2002/2004 on hold.. Which would then negate the need for the CI-4 oil; I realize that most oil manufacturers are already producing CI-4 quality diesel oils.
The blurb mentioned the comments from my previous post in that no one from the EPA realized that no one would be buying new trucks for a while and the severe economic impact that would occur. Plus, no cleaner air as no one is buying clean trucks to replace the dirty engined trucks.
etc. etc.
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