engine air filter: MC Fram other?

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Apr 17, 2012
West Michigan
Next oil change I will be servicing the air filter. Traditionally I just ise whatever is on sale but would it be better to go with motorcraft, fram or another dry paper element? Mostly concerned with protection then cost, mpg and performance. Talking about the f150 in sig.
I use NAPA Gold air filters and they reduced the silicon in my FX4 quite a bit. In the link you can see a 57K run on a NAPA Gold in my FX4. I would rather use a good filter (even if it cost a bit more) and just run it longer to have a decent ROI. If memory serves though, the NAPA was $1 more than the Motorcraft it replaced ($21). The NAPA "fit" the airbox in mine better than the MC did.
I switched my f150 over to a wix. (Carquest/napa gold) and since then I've seen my silicon levels in my uoa drop by about 5-6ppm silicon over the ocis compared to the MC. It was also made in USA.
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I like Fram AFs because they are always well made and cheap for my applications but...

I gotta say the Motorcraft filters appear to be of even better quality.
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