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Dec 30, 2005
Reno, NV
I know this has been discussed ad nauseam so I figuered I will get it straight from VAG. I know it has been said before, but here is my e-mail. ORIGINAL Motorenoele nach VW 503 01 erfuellen alle Anforderungen der VW 502 00, zusaetzlich jedoch weitere Anforderungen fuer hochbelastete Ottomotoren. Damit sind sie fuer bestimmte Ottomotoren auch fuer verlaengerte Wechselintervalle zugelassen. ^TRANSLATION: Motor oils with 503 01 certifications meet all the requirements of 502 00, and additionally meet requirements for "high load" (this is a direct translation, it is close to high demand/ high power I would say) gasoline engines. Therefor, they are cetified for gasoline engines with longer drain/ change intervals. ORIGINAL: Die Motorenoele nach VW 502 00 sind grundsaetzlich nicht fuer verlaengerte Wechselintervalle zugelassen. Motorenoele nach VW 503 01 sind in der Regel auch fuer alle Anwendungen zugelassen, wo VW 502 00 verlangt wird. TRANSLATION: The oils with 502 00 are normally not allowed/ intended for long drain/ change intervals. Oils with 503 01 are accordingly allowed in all applictions where 502 00 is needed.
It's funny that my VW W8 owners manual calls for 503 approved oil and has a OCI of 10k miles. Then they sent out bulletin stating 502 was OK, but never mention reducing the 10k mile OCI. I'm using Motul 8100 Xcess to cover my ***.
So who makes a 503 oil?
Almost everyone... By the way, make sure to not mix up VW 503.00 and VW 503.01. [Wink]
By the way, make sure to not mix up VW 503.00 and VW 503.01.
I got a good education regarding VW oil specs from moribundman. They sure are tricky so be careful! 503.00 is low HT/HS while 503.01 is high HT/HS. Big difference. M1 0W40 is the only official VW 503.01 approved oil that I can think of at the moment.
M1 0W40 is the only official VW 503.01 approved oil that I can think of at the moment.
The elves will be round shortly to remind you of another. (There's also Motul 8100 Ester E-Tech 0W-40)
I find it amusing that it is constantly stated that GC is VW 50X.XX approved. In reality, the actual wording on the GC container is very similar to the way Amsoil does it; not to mention the fact that VW's American 502.00 approved oils list does not show GC. Nowhere on the GC container does it specifically state that it is approved against any VW 50X.XX spec. Read it carefully & you'll see what I mean. The appropriate VW spec. numbers are there, but the container does not say it is a VW "approved" oil.
wavinwayne, I can't comment on the wording on the back of the Syntec bottles, but on the European SLX bottles it states (in 4 languages): For specific manufacturer approvals see box below. And then in the box there is a list of spec's which include VW502 00 & VW503 01 None of this vague, "recommended for use where VW50x xx is required" type statements that appear on some oil bottles. Also, as Castrol oils (notably SLX Longlife II) are factory fill on many VW/Audi group engines, I doubt very much that it is not genuinely VW approved.
Anybody have any info on what it says on the BC? I know they have some wording as" Designed to meet VW 502 spec" or something like that. I looked at the MObil 1 bottle and it says "approved for use..." Since everybody is mentioning SLX. did anybody ever get a conformation if GC is in fact SLX? If not, ill have to ask my cousin to send me a bottle of SLX and see how the VOA comes out.
S..D.., On the back of the Belgium sourced BC it says,
        API SL/SJ/CF         MB 229.3
        ACEA: A3/B3/B4       MB 229.1 
        VW 502.00, 505.00    Porsche Approved

        Also exceeds the engine protection 
        requirements of ILSAC GF-3  

Not to start up anything, bu on, on the techincal sheet, Motul X-cess is only 502 00, 505 00 approved. Motul E-Tech is 503 01. I know it doesnt really matter anyways, because all the 502 oils are very good.
I'm brain dead, I meant motul e-tech. Boy, 2 misquotes in a thread. And the worst part is I'm involved in pharmaceutical instrumentation validations. I hope I'm not fudging the data at work, lol.
That is what happens when you deal with VW certifications and oil in general. Your head just keeps on spinning and you dont even know what is true anymore. ahaha
not to mention the fact that VW's American 502.00 approved oils list does not show GC
Who says the VW list is comprehensive? Keeping up with the Joneses isn't easy. [Wink] Also, GC was likely not meant to be imported into the US, so it may have fallen through the cracks. Now that GC is (also) made in the US, Castrol, our new site sponsor, may be able and even willing to comment -- right? [stretch]
moribundman, I'm not disputing you; I'm just curious....When did BP/Castrol begin producing Syntec 0w30 in the USA? Which "M0xxxx...." date code would be the first batch of the USA-produced Syntec 0w30? Would it be in the "Hurricane Katrina" bottle? Before anybody mentions it, I'm not talking about the OLD yellow-labeled, made in the USA Syntec 0w30.
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