eMahine Samsung 840 Evo SSD AHCI

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Dec 5, 2003
Arlington, Washington
I have a eMachine EL1333G-03W desktop and bought a samsung SSD 128GB. I have read about AHCI and can't find it in the bios. No reference to Raid configuration as well. I must be missing something. It's not a full featured motherboard for sure. If I can't figure this out I might have to use it in another computer.....
I was going to just load the OS onto the new SSD. I just want to make sure I have the right settings before I do that.

Any wise words of wisdom are appreciated. I have read some info about it, but nothing I can really sink my teeth into. Thanks
you have an emachines computer. If it doesn't have AHCI or RAID or has other hardware limitations, that's a factor unrelated to whether you can use SSD.

If you're limited to using this as your computer, you can still SSD in it; it will still work.

Even if it isn't "maximized" with AHCI or other hardware related capacities, it is still an upgrade for you, and as "good as it gets" given your limitations.
I just wanted to make sure I've done all I can to optimize things. But maybe I can't do anything after all?

Yes I was going to get another desktop. But felt that the eMachine and another Gateway I'm on now as a backup is enough for now.
Your computer is too old for AHCI.

AHCI is actually pretty new technology and many manufactures even to this day omit AHCI on sub 600 computers as they provide no benefit for standard hard drive and there is some cost involved in certificating them.

AHCI wont boost performance, it helps maintain the SSD in good shape by sending "trim" commands to it.

You can send these commands manually using the samsung magician software, on the left side the 3rd tab is called "performance optimization" if you press the bottom it will send trim commands manually.

As long as you have sata 3 ( 6gb/s) you have done all you can. Also update the drive using samsung performance restore if you havent done so already, its highly recommended as the evo will run into hard drive transfer speed territory without this latest update/fix.
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Originally Posted By: Voltmaster

AHCI wont boost performance,

This is false as you also lose other performance optimizations such as NCQ.

it will still be plenty fast in ide mode but not quite as fast as AHCI.

but on a computer that old its doubtful you would notice the difference.

bitog post with achi vs ide benchmark
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Thanks for the info. I have read a fair amount and nothing told me what you guys have that is concrete info. Nothing about the raid as well?

Maybe I'll just leave the standard HD in that computer and buy, or build a budget computer to use the SSD in?
I am not sure why you're even thinking about RAID on an eMachines. The two terms are incompatible in goals and costs, and throwing good money on a lost cause. It's like putting on michelin ps3 tires onto a model T.

If it helps i just bought this dell desktop inspiron i3, 4gb ram. windows 8.1 machine during black friday week for $329+tax for my parents.

For the tech crew it is a Haswell H77 chipset, so has all the up-to-date technologies.


It was already fast out of the box (win8.1 has speed improvements), but because I'm more of a tweaker/optimizer and not price conscious, I swapped in a crucial mx100 SSD and another stick of ram, and boots up in about 2seconds after the post screen.

There are cheaper desktops available too.

You get a lot of computer for your money these days on the cheap end. There are also tablets and convertables, touch screens and all-in-ones now for not too much money.
If you do want windows7 though, you have to specifically go and configure that.
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OK you guys just confirmed to me not to use the SSD in that computer. I will get a better one in the coming few months.

I have a laptop with twin SSD Intel I7 Win 8. But my desktops are both antiques. The one I'm on now is a Vista. Which I'll switch with the eMachine one pretty quick.

Thanks for bringing me down to earth.
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