electric fuel transfer pump

Oct 16, 2003
Northern Virginia
Have a shuttle bus with a 50 gallon tank with apparently bad gas which won't start.
I tried to dilute bad gas with good gas and it still won't start.

What's a decent electric fuel transfer pump I could use to get to the bottom of tank, with adapters?
can you disconnect your fuel line and pump it into a bucket?
a fuel filter on the frame rail etc?
No. There is no fuel filter, it's built-in to the pump in the gas tank.
There is no easy way to disconnect the fuel line.

Plus it has to get all the stuff from the bottom too. Stale gas. Not sure a hose can do it.
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Cut the fuel line with a hacksaw then reassemble it with a compression fitting when you're done. Jumper the fuel pump. Is this a return or returnless fuel system? Return gives you twice the options for places to cut open.

Your fill hose will probably have rollover protection/ anti siphoning gadgets in it. So you'd have to drop the tank to actually access the fuel anyway.

If your pump is truly dead or clogged get something like this with appropriate hoses, drop the tank, remove the sending unit, and go at it.
The fuel pump is new.
I am not cutting any lines.
I am probably going to drop the tank as I suspect it will need cleaning if the gas in it is that old. It has a lot of new gas also but what happens when really old gas is mixed with new gas?
It would take quite a while for that pump to empty the tank. I used a motorcycle jack to lower the tank and pull it from under the truck I was working on. Then, I removed the filler neck and dumped the fuel in an appropriate container. I have burned up old gas in my lawn tractor by mixing with new. It started hard when cold, but got rid of it legally. You may get a little knock under heavy loads.
Can questionable gas causing ongoing starting problems? I've had this problem for 2 years. I wonder if something else is affected.
Like the injectors getting dirty? The fuel system needs to be maintained.

And this still does not answer my question about the fuel transfer pump compatible with F550.