Drain Oil into Collection Pan or directly in driveway?

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Jul 17, 2005
Baltimore, MD
Okay, just kidding about the driveway... I have a nice old container with a built in pan for draining my oil.  - It has decent capacity, a large draining surface, stores upright, and not too terribly fat. Problem is, it's started to leak. The Blitz pans I see at most stores just don't do it for me for one reason or another. Anybody use one of these open pans from Lisle? Does it have a cap on the spout?  - It looks pretty nice, but I don't know how thick it is. I want it to fit under the car. I really prefer my original pan, though... easy to store... no need to transfer to another container. What do you guys use? This pan issue has become my biggest oil change problem!
I have a simple pan that's lasted me 20 years so far and transfer to a 5 gal container. Transfer is a piece of cake and my setup also allows me to store the pan in the draining position so not a drop of oil reaches the ground. I can only imagine the built-in pan designs drip oil down the side so it needs to be diapered.
I wipe the tray with a paper towel so that drippage in storage is minimal. Yes, it's a bit of a pain. Maybe I should just go with an open pan and clear out some space to store it like you do. Are there any engineers on here that do plastic molding designs? I am imagining the "perfect" drain pan.
All the open pans I have seen do not have a cap on the spout. The one I got from Wal Mart works fine for me. Looks similar in size to the open one, but has a closed top with a plug in the center you remove when draining and a little vent valve you pop open so it does not bubble up. There is a capped pour spout on it, I think it holds 12 qts? I just pour the used oil into old laundry detergent bottles and then go dump those. You can see it in this pic:  -
I have seen the round Blitz pan that Blupupher uses at many stores. It is nice but I like mine better. Like 97f150 says, the Blitz doesn't fit under cars without raising them up. Also, since it is round you can't store it upright. That one holds more than mine, though. I also saw a thinner rectangular Blitz model. It's kind of small, low capacity. Also lacks an integrated carrying handle like mine. Mine is way old! At least 25 years! Inherited from my dad... don't know who made it or where it came from.
The county recycleing department here gives away a 4 gallon plastic bucket designed for oil draining. The lid holds five or so quarts and after pouring the oil into the bucket the lid fits inside and over the bucket so it doesn't leak down the sides of the bucket or splash out. Also has a plastic screen like plate that goes into the bucket that holds the old filter so it can drain. Take the bucket to the recycle center and pour the oil into the tank. After reading the above I can see I didn't do a good job of describing it. At any rate it is a plastic bucket with cool lid and they are free. It is big enough for a two or three drains on cars or the whole bucket fits under my truck to drain into.
Originally posted by kanling: I have a nice old container with a built in pan for draining my oil.  - It has decent capacity, a large draining surface, stores upright, and not too terribly fat. Problem is, it's started to leak.
I have that exact same drain pan, it also belonged to my father. No idea how old it is, but I've been using it for about 15 years now. Works well, although the screw-on cap does "weep" some oil if the pan is left full and stored horizontally. I usually just drain the pan off into old jugs for recycling so it's not too much of an issue for me. Good luck in your search for a good replacement pan!
I had the same exact pan. Used it many many years, started leaking. Now I use an old cat litter pan for cars with enough clearance for me to fit it under, and a newer round Blitz for the tight spots.
I have one similar to the Lisle one, except it doesn't have the nice open handles that would make it absolutely perfect. That one, you would just have to wipe off the spout, and hang it from a hook, open side facing the wall, spout facing up. Any leftover oil would pool inside, and be held in by the edge that curves inward.
Also has a plastic screen like plate that goes into the bucket that holds the old filter so it can drain.
The free recycling bucket sounds pretty good! I've never seen anything like it, free or otherwise. That screen is like my ideas for a better pan. I could probably fix the hole in mine with silicone, but the cap and plugs are not looking too good anymore either. The pan will die someday. I'll give it a try. I'm going to keep using it until I find something better. If I store it on its side, the leak isn't too bad.
I just use a normal drain pan and a 5 gallon pail, works great for me. If anyone needs an extra large pan for tranny fluid or otherwise I bought a 3' x 2' pan from Menards for around $8. It's in the cement section. -T
I have one exactly like blupupher. I would much prefer the one I had before for the simple reason the this one dosent fit under my wifes honda without it having to be lifted. No matter which pan I use I drain it after every oil change into a 5 gallon can and when that is full it is taken to the auto parts store for dumping.
If you have a good concrete driveway and are worried about spillage of dirty oil, just spray some water down before you drain. Any dropped/spilled oil will bead off.
I like the pan/container combos mainly because I can clean up the exposed drain area without too much trouble and not worry about getting every drop of oil out of it. I don't care about the internals of the thing. This stops all the crap that ends up blowing around sticking to the drain pan when it's not in use. The regular drain pans just have too many surfaces to clean up ..so no matter how you store them ..some oil is going to migrate. If you have the luxury of being able to leave your drain pan "draining" for extended periods of time ..I guess it wouldn't matter, but most are a little awkward to leave hung upside down. I have two 5 gallon "square" jugs to hold the drain oil before I take it to a friend that has a used oil burner to heat his shop.
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