Door interior accessible - things to do before closing?


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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
I’ve had the driver side door off on my 4WD Ram for a month or more. I had to replace an inoperable OE speaker.

While in there I’ve sprayed the interior with crc corrosion inhibitor, and topped with woolwax.

I’m going to re-seal the plastic vapor barrier. I guess with butyl caulk, though OE it had been adhered straight to the painted metal.

Any thoughts on what else I should do while in there, and what products?

Some thoughts are:

1) spray down window tracks with dry lubricant to leave some lingering lubrication down where it wouldn’t otherwise go.

2) some sort of spray lube on pivot points and linkages at the manual linkages of the door lock

3) potentially lube some part of the door latch from the inside

The old adage of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it comes to mind…

So…. What say you??
You have the door off of the truck or the panel off of the door?

Lubing pivot points and window tracks that you never see can't be a bad thing.
Sorry.. door card off, access to the interior because the vapor barrier is loose/adhesive not adhering.
When I was getting my last Grand Wagoneer road worthy, I spent a day on each door. Spent the most time on the lock pop-ups. A 1'' throw doesn't do much if there is an 1/8th play in 4 linkages :cool: