Do you own more vehicles than you really need?

1991 Honda Civic Si Hatchback with 507k miles.
Bought new from dealer, while in high school. Currently swapping the engine head, engine harness, radiator, etc.

2002 Silverado with 440k miles.
Bought new from dealer. Daily driver for wife. Miles are on the original unopened engine

1979 300sd Mercedes with 180k miles
My daily driver

1988 300sel Mercedes with 120k miles
Back up car

1970 280sel Mercedes with approx 154k miles
Garaged and waiting for 10k paint job, at minimum. Probably will have to teach myself how to paint.
Realistically, for day to day life, all I need is a commuter with a hitch to tow my utility trailer. Having SOME WAY to get stuff from the building store, appliance store, or run to dump is essential for a homeowner. That could be a Ford Focus with a hitch.

I have the Jeep as a toy. I enjoy 4x4ing. Well the Jeep isn't really reliable enough to make it home, so I have a truck to tow it around. And a trailer to haul it.

The Grand marquis is my DD, but realistically we could get by with a hitch on the Sentra. Only one of us works in the office.
I use my Corvette for fun and the Honda Monkey only has 137 miles on it. The truck pulls my boat and the Civic is my daily driver and gas saver. I don't plan on selling or trading anything for a while and they are all paid for when purchased without any loan. The Jeep is my wife's daily driver and the vehicle that gets used when we are going somewhere together.
Wife and I have two (in the signature). Considering getting a third such as a small truck for hauling purposes and for when one of the main cars is in the shop.
My wife and I have 3 vehicles. We drive the Prius for 75% of our needs. But with a baby on the way, the Ram will be our family vehicle.

In all honesty, we should probably sell the Accord and Ram, and replace it with a minivan.
Congrats Michael! And to the Ms. You make dumb ol' Uncle Jeff proud!
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Just the wife and I, have three vehicles, 83 Silverado which is my DD and a 08 Malibu LTZ which my wife drives and we use on daily errands. The 17 Buick Regal GS is our retirement car, a garage queen, only driven on long highway drives and vacations. :D
My visiting aunt questioned why a single guy (me) needs three cars. I questioned why she and her husband need a 4000 sq ft home in Ontario.
We have two. If I could get by with one I would. Fewer vehicles (or things in general), fewer headaches.

During COVID lockdowns we went down to one while I was working from home. Incredible. Now that I’m in the office we have two.
We don’t any longer.
However we had as many as 5 vehicles and 4 more times than I can remember while always having 3(mine, wife’s, summer).
Only now since I’ve retired do we only have 2 in the house and only 1 is the daily driver(Altima) although there 3 in my signature(Civic).
Too many vehicles along with lawn mowers and a bunch of other stuff. Life would be boring without all this extra "stuff".
If times were desperate, we could go with one. I'd either use it for commuting or get dropped off at the train station every morning.

Not something I'm interested in doing.
In today's economic climate I'm glad I have more than one car. If i crashed one, I have another at the ready. Replacement cars are difficult to find in this market.
I've still got my old jeep (xj Cherokee) and Audi A3 that I keep around. The jeep for the utility and the Audi for sentimental reasons. It's just not worth that much if I were to sell it. Plus I still like driving it.

My '18 Mustang, a GT, is my "Nice" car. If I could do without any of them, it would probably be that one. My Audi or Jeep would suffice for my 1-2x weekly commute.
In today's economic climate I'm glad I have more than one car. If i crashed one, I have another at the ready. Replacement cars are difficult to find in this market.
and you never be walking when you don't want to..
Yep I do, 94 ford e150 5.8l conversion van, summer only vehicle 44,000 miles on it. 1990 Toyota 4x4 pickup I drive when not driving van 2015 Toyota Yaris for the wife. Then some toys. Yamaha R1, Yamaha R6, Yamaha R3, Yamaha Yz250, and a Harley Fatboy.
I could get away with one but I hope that doesn’t happen. The Versa is my get around car. The Sentra is for special occasions ( Dollar Store, Dr. visits) those kinds of things☹️