Do you have any info on how GM tested Mobil 1 in the Corvette?

Yeah - McLaren, Aston Martin & Porsche have negotiated out that 10 cents …
Are McLaren, Aston Martin and Porsche not concerned about their bottom line just like every other automaker?

And when Mobil is advertised as the "official/factory fill oil of Porsche/Corvette/McLaren/etc", do you think those automakers are just lending out their name to ExxonMobil for free?
If our local racing legend were still alive, he might be able to answer that question. Tommy Morrison used Mobil 1 exclusively in his Corvettes and Camaros. Tommy Morrison’s racing headquarters was located in Albany, GA. Albany is where I grew up and Tommy was a local legend.
If they went to what's best for these high end cars they would have had a Amsoil SS,HPL, Redline or something more premium.
It would force Amsoil/HPL/RL to comply with the API/dexos therefore the sulfated ash would be lower and you'd end up with an oil that looks remarkably close to Mobil 1 and other mainstream synthetics.
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"Not sure of the "marketing verification" to me means advertising. Even if the Mobil 1 is not the ultimate oil it has been validated under the worst case product testing for that specific product...that is not just "marketing". Besides, as I have said, someone has to test it...we test the Mobil 1 and recommend it as good. If you want to use something else....YOU are doing the testing. If this irritates you that GM does not test all the other alternatives understand that we also do not test all the other tires, spark plug wires, spark plugs, etc.....we provide a validated product and provide the specs to maintain it as validated. If you think that you can do better, have at it...just accept the responsibility if you don't. When you are developing an engine there are many many things to do and investigate. Some things you take for granted if they are working and use them I suppose. GM has definitely had a good working relationship with Mobil over the years. I would say that it is a mutual relationship as they see a lot of engine tests with their products and we get their undivided attention anytime there is the faintest hint of a lube related failure or question. They make a good product."
Even if the Mobil 1 is not the ultimate oil it has been validated under the worst case product testing for
No one is questioning that Mobil1 meets the needs of GM and is a good oil, but so is Pennzoil and other mainstream oil brands. Do you think GM tested Pennzoil and Mobil1, and winner was Mobil1 purely on technicality and not any business decisions?