Do I Have to Replace the Oil Filter?

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Aug 14, 2007
I have a JD tractor with an 18HP Briggs twin. Oil filters have really gotten out of hand for this engine. Dealer wants $11 now ($6-$7 the last 5 years). The NAPA/WIX is also $11. The Purolator, much to my surprise, is also $11!

I only run my tractor 35 hours a year. Manual says 100 hours. Would it be safe to change the filter every 2 years?

I am kicking myself. I just placed an order with Fleetfilter a month ago and forgot about my tractor! Could have added the WIX for $6.20 or so.
You're really bucking over $11 per year?

I'm sure you could get away with it, but is it really worth running clean oil (at +/- $3 a quart) through a dirty filter?

Have you checked into any savings of buying the whole service kit? That's what my sister does. Spark plugs, air (pre & post), fuel & oil filters, 2 quarts of oil all in one handy box.
Your oil+filter is only 1/3 of the limit therefore the oil+filter are fairly clean, you can change the oil but re-use filter without any problem.
Some cars only recommend to change the filter every other oil change... To me, the bigger issue is time... The two year thing worries me a bit, if I don't know enough about the actual design and build of the filter.

That said, I'd probably remove the filter, look it over and drain it as good as possible, then re-use...
Thanks the responses so far. I live in Wisconsin, so I use my tractor from late April/early May through late October/early November. I only mow the lawn with it, about 1.5 acres. I change the oil/filter in spring every year. So if I choose not to change the filter (only the oil), it will be used for about 65-70 hours (instead of 100) and for 18-19 months. I would change both the oil and filter in fall.

The filter is only partially dirty - about of third of it's listed use. I am not concerned about clean oil/dirty filter because it still has twice the cleaning capacity left that I would use it for. I was wondering if the filter media deteriorates over an 18 month period to where it would not really filter well or possibly worse.
...that is a commercial iron lined $1,300.00 engine ya know...mine is 20 yo and runs like new with a new filter/oil change every 100 hours or seasonally. It will last another 20 yrs easy.

If it were a "disposable big box store engine"...who would care?
Cross-reference the number and you will likely find that an AC PF53/WIX 51348/Fram PH3614 or equivilent filter will likely replace it.
use a good quality syn oil and run it(oil/filter)out a few seasons,i'm going on 3 seasons with my '06 crafsman 18.5hp intek using amsoil ACD and a P1 filter.oil still has a slight gold tint to it,since you don't put to many hrs on the thing you can do that.
I say don't change it. I have a JD 345 and I went from changing the oil& filter every 50hrs, which was twice a season, to every 100hrs.

Here is a pic of the NAPA Gold 1394 that I run on my JD345 20hp Liquid cooled Kawasaki after 50hrs, (you can see why I extended the intervals)

^^^ thats what my filters looked like after one season of use,so thats why i'm extending it out,i have around 70hrs or so on this fill probably take it out to 150 then dump,i can't see waisting
good oil and filters when they look like the above.
The Purolator, much to my surprise, is also $11!

What's the Puro part #? If it's a B&S or Kohler, a Puro L10241 ($3.50 @ Advance Auto Parts) or MotorCraft FL400 ($3.98 at Wally's) or Fram/Supertech 3600 or 3614 ($3 - 4 wherever) will work.
I was given a L35310 as a replacement for the JD AM125424. Is there any concern that the L10241 relief valve is 12-15 vs. 8 on the L35310??
Originally Posted By: jackkpts
I was given a L35310 as a replacement for the JD AM125424. Is there any concern that the L10241 relief valve is 12-15 vs. 8 on the L35310??

I wouldn't be concernd no, it'll just force more through the filter before the bypass opens(like it would get that dirty tho)
Originally Posted By: jackkpts
..Is there any concern that the L10241 relief valve is 12-15 vs. 8 on the L35310??

No, it doesn't effect actual throughput of the filter. As a generality, a larger media surface area will require a lower bypass setting to protect the media from rupturing. The engine and oilling system is completely dumb to oil filter bypass settings.

Thanks everyone. I picked up a SuperTech ST3614 tonight and will be changing oil this weekend. It's a 1/4 inch taller than the AM125424, but I think there is room for a little additional height under the hood.
After 20 years with a B+S splash oil system toro, I bought a cheapy from home depot. A Kolhler sv540 18 hp with a "pressurized" oil system. The following site was useful because of the pictures and analysis of the different oil filters.

The size rating of the particulates trapped by the filter, verses the ease of oil flow through the filter, is the trade off.
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