Detailing Question #2

Apr 11, 2003
Before I start on “Detailing Question #1,” I’m going to clean under the hood.

Since I vacuum and use an air compressor under the hood every four months or so, followed by cleaning the trim and using Sonus Motor Kote, the job should be fairly easy.

Unfortunately though, the heat shield attached to the underside of the hood has a large white stain on it that I’ve neglected for too long. I’m guessing it was road salt that caused the stain.

A Chris Fixx You Tube video showed him spraying a similarly stained hood shield with soapy water, agitating, then rinsing, only to find the stain still apparent. So, he removed the shield and spray painted it black.

I would rather skip the Krylon, thank you.

And no, I haven’t even tried the dawn/water step, yet, but wondered if anyone else had conquered a similar problem?
Like a zebra, its showing its stripes. Personally I would not worry about it.

I would be more worried about cleaning products from trying to clean the stain getting on the engine than the stain itself.
i think the stain may be battery acid from fumes. my old toyota had that kind of stain right where the battery sat. best thing is to just buy a new one if the yare available. they are not too expensive
Spray painting with high temp paint is going to be by far the quickest, easiest solution. Get it wet to wash or rinse and the paint will adhere better but it will start to sag and fall apart.

Other option, replace it, or spray the entire thing with saltwater so it all matches. ;)

You could try an experiment, get some dark color Rit Dyemore fabric dye, heat it to boiling, put it in a metal canister sprayer, spray it on, wipe off overspill and let the rest dry. I'd sooner go with high temp paint but then I'd sooner just not care about a salt stain that's likely to come back anyway if you keep driving in same environment.
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He wasn't using paint. He was using spray dye. It's a thing now, a little different than paint.

He was using stuff like this, which I am also about to purchase to refurbish some heat shields but also some red for some sun-faded fabric table canopies on a deck at home. also sells a selection of spray dyes.

If you need a small touch-up area, you can get these more economical but smaller spray cans at Michael's:

Thanks, all, for the replies.

Since the hood is down 99.879% of the time, I’m the only one likely to notice that hood shield. And as I haven’t gotten too focused on correcting it up until now, I think I will let it be as is.