Detailed the E-Golf

Aug 15, 2020
Atlanta, GA
Finally got around to detailing my E-Golf, I bought it back in March 2020 and it just had the typical dealer detail which probably was just slapping a coat of wax on the car to shine it up. It had quite a number of very minor scuffs all over the place that seem to afflict (or just be more apparent) white cars more than others. I made a few calls around to professional detailers but the cost to do what I was looking for (clay bar, polish and wax) was hard to swallow so I figured I would just build myself a kit and do it myself.

Building the kit was kind of a pricey 1 time expense that ran me ~$100 give or take. Here is my new kit.

Mothers Clay Kit (my Autozone did not carry the Mequiars kit)
Meguiars Ultimate Polish
Meguiars Ultimate Wax
Meguiars PlastiX
Ryobi 6" random orbital polisher and couple extra sets of bonnets. I already have two of their 18V+ batteries and chargers for a leaf blower and drill so I bought tool only.

4 hours and a very sore body later I have to say I was very pleased with the results, while it is not professional detail quality I would say its probably about 80-85% of what would be accomplished professionally. The clay and polish took the longest time, the waxing took no time at all.

Ultimate Polish:
I have never polished a car before, it took me a little bit to get the hang of the polish process and even then there were a few sections here and there where the polish was not wiping off easily. Fortunately a quick spritz and wipe with quick detailer removed the excess polish easily. While my polish job did not remove all the swirl marks I would say it reduced them by 50-60%, some of the scuffs and very light scratches did not come entirely off either. I think this is the part of a process where a professional detailer would have done a much better job.

Ultimate Wax:
This wax/sealant is amazing to say the least when it comes to ease of use. I cringed at the price of it but don't regret buying it at all now after using it. It buffed off so cleanly and easily. In the future since the clay and polish were a once every so often experience I am sure I could probably slap a coat of wax on in 30 mins in the future. One great aspect is it does not leave white marks all over black plastic/rubber trim and it actually enhanced the color of them where I accidentally hit them - it turned my graying wiper arms back to black.

This was a very satisfying project, I was sore as heck once I was done yesterday so was not hugely productive afterwards but fortunately the clay and polish won't have to be done again for some time.

Haze on roof is just morning dew as I took the picture this AM - after completion yesterday I was out of juice to care about a picture. :ROFLMAO: