Delvac 1 cleaning up what Auto Rx left behind?

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Nov 16, 2002
I'm running a mixture of Delvac 1 and Mobil 1 SS. At 3,500 miles, the oil is fairlty dark already. With Mobil 1, it would be not as dark at this interval. Is this due to the mixture or could Delvac 1 be cleaning up after Rx? I have run 3 treatments of Rx so I thought my engine was clean.
buster, Delvac 1 is only 25% Ester TME if my memory is working right today. The other 75% is PAO. While I am sure it does help clean especialy when compared to regular PAO based synthetics it is not on par with Motul or Redline for cleaning. I also think that the ester used is not as agressive but this is just based on observation note impircal data. Do not get me wrong I like Delvac 1 this is not a flame at all just my $.02.
buster, This is just a guess, 'cuz I've never tried D1. We know that your car carbons up pretty well, right? Is it possible that D1 is doing a better job than M1 at keeping more of the nasties in suspension? I mean, isn't it supposed to hold all the soot & sulfer & junk from diesel engines, so that it doesn't end up in the cylinders? I agree with you, that after 3 A-Rx runs your engine should be spotless. Is it posible that you're seeing it keeping your engine clean, rather than cleaning anything else out? Like I said, it's just a guess ... [I dont know]
Buster I believe 20% of your engines oil capacity stays in at every change so some RX/dity oil making the D1 look bad?. I know myself running RX after D1 and Redline oil was bad after 2500-3000kms. About to start 3rd clean in Outback so I'm real interested in what comes out this time.
Hi, D1 definitely darkens reasonably quickly. I have noticed this in a variety of engine types and I do NOT believe it is anything other than the "normal behaviour" of this excellent product. It has never led to any unusual "debris" in oil filters we have cut open even on short haul engines In "clean" diesel engines ( on D1 from new ) where I use two Donaldson ELF "Synteq" full flow filters and a by-pass centrifuge, the oil still darkens shortly after an oil change Regards Doug Hillary
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