Decipher BEVO sheets gear/transfer oil

Nov 23, 2020
Forgive me if this is a subject that has been covered already....

2014 CLA 250 4MATIC

Have a stack of liqui moly products and filters to do all the fluids as my 250 is just about to hit the 100k mark

Finally going with the liqui moly 5w40 in the green bottle with the dye i have been eyeballing that stuff every time I see it

Liqui moly 8100 for the dual clutch transmission I am fairly confident that is the correct fluid

I have liqui moly GL4/GL5 85W90 for the rear diff is that correct?? I seem to be getting some mix up on wether or not this or the 8100 also goes in the rear axle ?

Next question is the "transfer case" sharing fluid with the dual clutch or are they separate cases?

I downloaded the owners manual and unless I was not finding the correct section any fluid chart or info is not intended for the typical Mercedes-Benz owner to know

Lastly it seems the 2 main MB forums i have tried to join either aren't accepting new members or they think I am a spammer no luck with repeated attempts to join only to be given a rejection e mail

Any CLA250 friends or forums anyone can recommend

Thanks Mike
Aug 30, 2004
Diff oil is 235.62, spec is 25 oz, no LM product is specified for this. Correct part# is 002 989 02 03-11, list is $49.50/bottle.

Transfer case oil is part of the transmission, at least that is what my catalog says.

DSG oil is 236.21, LM 8100 should be the correct snake oil
Jul 20, 2005
North of Seattle
I would caution doing rear diff just yet, along with the transmission (if that is what you were thinking), if you want to do it correctly. I would try searching to find your specific model instructions on how to perform those services. I have a 15 GLA45 and I do NOT have the capability to do the transmission or the rear diff IAW with the service instructions because I don't have XENTRY program and connection; both are required to perform the services properly. As an example, in my case, for the rear diff, I need to raise the vehicle off the ground, drain the fluid, then turn the rear tires in the direction of travel without the fronts turning, in order to drain all of the fluid. Then fill the diff, lower car, drive car with XENTRY installed and activating some solenoid while turning until you feel/hear a thud, then raise the vehicle back up and re-check the level and add fluid as necessary.
I have read somewhere that the diff's between the GLA 250 and the 45 are the same (I DON'T KNOW) but the difference is the service schedule for mine is much more frequently. I have also read that the diffs seem to be a weak spot for the early GLAs. I don't know if this is the same for the CLA 250s.

Anyhow, below is a link to a GLA site where you can take a look at some of the service instructions for the GLA (maybe 45 targeted) but a lot of them just specify model X156, which is the base model 250, maybe similar to the CLA 250.

hope that helps.