Death of my Exide battery

The marina will not allow any power to the boat while it's on rack storage. And battery switches must be off. The building houses 350 boats on racks that are 2 or 3 levels high. They really do not want any chance of fire. Not allowed to go into the building either. The huge forklifts back in and back out and don't want to worry about people walking around inside the storage building.
I'll admit I know nothing about boat storage, but do you have shore power available? if so, then keep it on a maintenance charger and then who cares about the bilge pump or the CO alarm?

here's what I recommend. a cheap offshore charger that holds 13.6V float even with a significant parasitic draw. I have 8 of these and keep them on all my cars, lawn tractor, sump pump back up systems, etc. if I had a boat sitting in storage I'd have one of these connected to the battery for sure...
The 4.99$ 1/2 A maintainers Harbor Freight sells are great
The 4.99$ 1/2 A maintainers Harbor Freight sells are great
I doubt it has high & low temp compensation which is needed useless battery is in the basement which is a pretty stable but slightly low temp. I'd say inside your home is also a good place to maintain a battery but that would only go for single guys, no wife would allow a battery inside just to be maintained.
Maybe its just me but batteries seem to have lasted longer before the invention of smart chargers. Recently my expensive electronic charger got run over and died. Yes I forgot to unhook it. I gutted it and added a full bridge rectifier plus a capacitor and a cheap eBay amp gauge . I now have 12,18 and 23vdc available to play with. Its dumb and will throw a charge into anything. I even revived some old 18v lithium tool batteries that have been on the shelf for 13 years.
I both wet and dry-stored by boat. I had a master switch to shut it down when stored. off season, I’d have them put it in the water and I’d idle it for an hour or more every so often while eating a sandwich and enjoying the sunshine. That, or take the batteries home, or talk to the dock folks and let me keep it on shore power overnight for an early morning return to the shelf. The group 31 deep cycle from Walmart was pretty resilient to mistreatment, admittedly. i also had a smaller group 27 Trojan hybrid battery which was probably the most bulletproof, long lasting, and abuse-tolerant battery I’ve ever owned.
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