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Feb 13, 2007
Please remember my daughter, Laura, tonight. She is 51 years old and 9 years ago she had a very large stent put in. I took her to the emergency room 3 weeks ago and the artery where the large stent was placed is now 100% blocked. The doctor put 2 stents in the other artery which is 95% blocked. I took her to the emergency room Thursday and they have stabilized her and will be running test to determine if another stent will work or will she need open heart surgery. The test will take 2 days and so I should know something by Wednesday.

She is a widow and has 1 child (24 years old and a college student).

Thank you in advance.

Good thoughts and prayers are coming your way. Take comfort in that doctors are very good at these types of surgeries.
I hope things go well. Cardiology has advanced so much the last few years! Prayers sent.

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She seems young to be dealing with such. I hope everything goes well. As pointed out, the advances in cardiac care are amazing. Again, I hope everything goes well. Prayer sent.
I had a stent clog 10 years ago, they put another stent inside that one - it's still working well. I'll bet they have even better technology now.
God bless your daughter. I had open heart surgery with 4 98% blocked arteries 9 years ago. Since then I have had no limitations on my activities and continue to work out, hunt, etc. I was lucky, though, and it was caught before I had any real heart damage. While recuperating from the surgery is a bitof a "pain" (particularly when you sneeze), the end result is well worth it.

I hope that she can enjoy a fuller life after the surgery or a new stent.
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