Country ribs as a meatier, cheaper alternative to baby back ribs?

Balrog, great question and I am unable to answer with any level of competency. I simply enjoy the taste/ flavor of baby backs over St Louis ribs. When eating out, if the restaurant has baby backs, I often will order those ribs. If ST Louis is offered, I typically will pass.
Understood and I appreciate the honest answer given in the spirit it was asked.

If I may offer a thought-I suspect your preference has to do with the amount of fat present that renders to juices/juiciness and flavor. St Louis are much less fatty and more meaty so the flavor difference can be pronounced especially if the back ribs remain moist/juicy and the St Louis suffer being dry. In a restaurant setting I would likely do the same as the likelihood of a dry St Louis slab is high, much more so than a back rib one.

I do take special care and have my methods to maintain their moisture and juicy mouth feel when I smoke them or else they would be dry-it works for me and gets me that meaty pork flavor I want also-but if all I have or can find is a back rub slab I’ll still smoke those as well-any smoked pork rib is better than none!
As every meal I make, super simple. Auto Mechanic could make this meal while reading the tool section of a 1962 Sears Roebuck catalog.

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Be still my twittering heart. A early 60's Sears catalog is so special. Hours spent just looking at the tires. shocks and page upon page of automotive nirvana.

Thanks for the nice memory.
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