Copper River Sockeye

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Yes, a few times. Quite tasty and a bit more flavor than farm raised. However, the last time they had copper river salmon at the store it was nearly twice the price of everyday farm raised.

Luckily here in Colorado 3 reservoirs not more than 80 miles from my doorstep are loaded with Kokanee (landlocked Sockeyes) so I stock up on them in the fall, along with your garden variety Rainbow trout (landlocked Steelheads).
Sure, all the time in season. Not as good as my own fish, but tasty. Quite dear now that it is hyped, as Drew points out. I'm not even sure of the pedigree anymore. I think some stores call any dark salmon "Copper River" so they charge more, as it's not really a legal appellation, although I think we could get them for false advertising.

Funny thing is some tasty salmon are "white" kings - meat is quite pale, and the average land locked joe would hardly recognize the meat as salmon. Flesh color is a matter of the fish's diet primarily and genetics secondarily.

You know of Albertson's? Nothing special, really.

Drew - Landlocked steelhead = Rainbow - true enough, but funny perspective!! (Must be a CO thing!) You guys have Cutthroat (at least up in Yellowstone) - that's some good eating. Now check out sea run Cutthroat Trout.
Ahhh, people refer to rainbows all the time as steelhead. I guess they are kind of different! I've never tried a cutthroat because they are pretty rare to catch so I always release them. Plus, the Greenback Cutthroat is protected in CO and catch and release only.

But wild Alaskan Salmon is pretty hard to beat!
Best fishing trip memories are with dad and brother fishing Yellowstone lake for large cutthroat....and they were plentiful enough to keep and eat. This would have be ca 1970. Any knowledge of current conditions at Yellostone lake?

Steelhead are sea run Rainbows, but very few rainbow trout know anything about going out to sea! They change a lot for the salt water.
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