conjestive cough after drinking cold liquids....

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Apr 11, 2004
los angeles
Lately, I've been getting this cough when i drink something cold.It lasts for hours,coughing every few minutes.There's times when it feels as if i cough up clear-like phlegm. I've been to the doctor and "It's an allergy to something". Big help he was .Anyone familiar with this?
It is probably allergy. Typical medicine that would work is Licorice syrup or candy. Home remedy would be an Asian pear (thin skinned one) cooked in water (add sugar to taste). Remember to eat the skin, that's the part that is useful. Uncooked pear is actually going to make it worse, but cooked is fine.
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Anything that i can try,otc?
Zyrtec is now over the counter. You can get generic Cetirzene
What you have is a condition that has bugged me all my life. I noticed that in very hot summers, I drink a lot of iced cold drinks(who doesn't?). After about 3 weeks of this: cold drinks in hot weather, I would come down with a really bad cough. The only cure is to drink only warm or hot water. But, how can you do that when the weather is like, 98 degrees in the shade?
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