Colour matched paint for rocker panels

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Sep 10, 2008
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada
I have an 06 Jetta where the thicker plasticized paint the manufacturer has put on the rocker panels is starting to come off behind the front wheels. Lucky serious rust hasn't start to set in yet.
I'd like to re-spray them with a similar protective product but Rocker Guard doesn't seem to offer a colour matched product, Canadian Tire and local parts stores have black or tan.
The local parts store was no help.

Any suggestions?
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The chip guard is paintable. For dark grey use black for light grey use tan.
First clean the area with Prep-sol, prep-all or IPA, scuff with a scotchbrite pad and mask the area off. No need to prime it.

Spray a thin coat of the chip guard and let dry a few hours. Remove the masking and re mask a about siz inches from the new chip guard.
Get a rattle can matching your cars color and spray the chip guard with a few coats, spray a little beyond it but not up to the tape so you wont get a line.
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