Cloth convertible top

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Apr 17, 2012
West Michigan
So two closely related questions. 1. For cleaning a cloth convertible top, what is your favorite product? I have found 303, RaggTopp and Meguiars (among others) offer dedicated products and I personally trust all three names, so will likely use which ever I can get a better deal on. 2. For protecting cloth convertible top. Seems the two big names are RaggTopp and 303 Fabric Guard. I have used the raggtopp on vinyl tops, works well but needs done at least twice a year. I have used the 303 fabric guard extensively for everything from packs, panniers, hats, jackets, etc and have been very happy with it. Not a perfect product that will absolutely waterproof anything but seems to work very well. This is my go-to product which I plan to use on the top unless somebody convinces me otherwise. No idea how well it will hold up in this application though.
Using regular 303. You don't need much. You must accept the fact though that cloth convertible tops are wear items just like brakes. You will eventually need to replace it. I did after 13 long years in my garaged, 303 protected, weekend ride.
Yes, regular 303 is good for almost every soft top. I use it on my 2004 S2000 top once a year. The car is garaged when not driven and the top is in excellent condition after 11 years. The soft top will not lasted forever, but I hope that I don't need to replace it for another 10-15 years. 20-25 years life is not bad for a soft top.
What about the Surf City Garage convertible top stuff? I saw this at Walmart and was thinking about using it on the Mustang vert.
Raggtopp Fabric Roof protector is pretty good. Used it on my Mom Beetle cabriolet before the winter. Still looking good at 11yrs.
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