Cleaning: who does it at your household?

I’m single and own my own place and that pretty much explains that. I keep it clean, not terribly hard with one person. I don’t even wear shoes in the house. My parents on the other hand aren’t housekeepers at all.
Meant to add....

For hardwood and tile we often use the old school "Italian Mop" as my grandmother would call it. Heavy duty deck scrub brush with old towel wraped.over the brush.

We also use a Shark rechargeable vac/wet mop thinngy....pads work well and aren't too costly when bought at Sam's in a 20 pack.
I'm pretty organized and I don't create much clutter. In the past I've had very long and irregular work hours and I've frequently been out of town for several days or longer in a row. I needed some help especially because I was raising my teenage son by myself. I've had a housekeeper/house sitter for the past 6 years and she's been invaluable. With my son now mostly out of the house, I still have her over twice a week and she sits the house and takes care of the garden, buys food and supplies, runs errands, and takes care of the cat(s) while I'm out of town. I have become very accustomed to this arrangement.