Clay of Choice?

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May 19, 2013
I'm ready to pitch the Nanoskin AutoScrub because I like to actually feel the clay working instead of assuming it is -- like with the Nanoskin on a polisher. I know there is a hand strap holder do-hickey for the Nanoskin (THIS) but I just don't think it would be close to feeling as good as "real" clay.

Forgive me if this has been asked directly previously as I have not found it, but those of you that spend your time "claying", what is YOUR choice of clay?

I have used the likes of retail package Mother's and Meguires, but I think I may need something a little more aggressive, considering I don't believe that my truck had ever been clayed previously.

I was considering this: Click Here
This one reads as if it were to be a little more aggressive than the box at WallyWorld, but not too aggressive to possibly mar the paint.

I was also considering this: Click Here Too
This one seems even more aggressive, but it's half the supply of the one above, and could possibly mar the paint!?

I am no clay expert, so I am really hoping you enthusiasts will lend me your opinions
I've used the Griots clay for a number of years with very good results...but I don't have anything else to compare it to.
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There's a difference?

IDK, I would assume so considering all the different choices and aggressiveness out there, lol. This is why I am looking for opinions!
Find the Junkman on youtube, he explains that all clay comes from the same source. Medium grade is very aggressive for bad paint. The fine grade is for final detailing. That's the difference in a nut shell.
I've used the Nanoskin (medium and fine) and a number of traditional clay bars.

The Nanoskin fine grade is more than adequate for most vehicles, especially if you use it with QD/ONR. It does not work well with car wash soap, though...not sure why. Just be advised that it will marr up the first few cars that you use it on, but once it's really broken in, you'll have no issues.

The Nanoskin will usually remove 80-90% of the contaminants, and clay will take the rest. But the last 10-20% is irrelevant to most people.

If you really insist on traditional clay, then use Meguiars C2000. It seems to be the best one I've used - soft/easy to reshape, decent contaminant removal and doesn't leave much marring.
I buy whatever clay is cheapest with free shipping on ebay. Usually 5 pieces of 180 gram blue 3M from china for about $25 or so.
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I buy whatever clay is cheapest with free shipping on ebay. Usually 5 pieces of 180 gram blue 3M from china for about $25 or so.

I agree. Have been using clay based on price from eBay for years.

Works great with Meguiar's Quick Detailer. Bought a 2 qt jug years ago on eBay.
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Griots is my OTC favorite. I've also used Clay Magic and Mothers. I hated Mothers, and would never purchase again. Clay Magic blue worked OK.
I've been using the Megs blue "Mild" clay for a while now. It works well and has pronounced tactile feedback. In fact, I would love to switch over (at least to try) the nanoskin because I find this clay to be quite a chore on my larger vehicle!
When I'm not using my Speedy Surface Prep Towels, I use Clay Magic medium (and aggressive at times) with UWWP as clay lube. I've tried those cheap $5 ebay clay bars, big mistake.
Thank you all for your opinions and experiences. I will probably try that Megs I had originally linked. At least that will be a good starting point. Fingers Crossed.
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