ckacking noise randomly when cold

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Apr 28, 2011
missouri usa
So my Saturn seems to make clacking noise when cold only sometimes it sounds like maybe valves or timing chain. I'm not sure. It goes away once the engine is warmed up. i toon the valve cover off because it was starting to seap a little and didn't see anything chain felt tight everything seemed ok do you guys have any Idea ? maybe its somewhat normal for an older 1.9l? My cavalier made all kinds of racket but they are naturally moisy. any help is appreciated.
Id guess lifter. Are you gonna buy a new car or what? Ive seen a few good deals up here for used. I saw a 2004 focus wagon that was mint outside and very nice inside. It was 4999$ on the sticker but im sure if he was handed around 4k he would take it. It even had just over 120,000 km I didnt pop the hood or nothing but from a glance it looked pretty nice. He had a bunch of other nicely priced cars and trucks that looked really nice. Not trying to hint or anything smile
More than likely a lifter. Depending on where the engine comes to rest when you shut it off the valve could be open or closed, if open it will squeeze the oil out of a bum lifter. It'll clatter until it warms up. These engines are good for making noise yet will keep on trucking without worry. You can try all sorts of alchemy to flush the lifter; I like plain jane M1 0w30 in theory.
I thought maybe a timing chain tensioner but I'm not sure doesn't sound like its coming from front of engine sounds like its coming from the top. Dumb question but does a 1.9 Saturn even have lifters ? I've never torn one apart but I thought they didn't smirk
Yeah they have lifters, 16 of 'em. A timing chain rattle sounds more like a growly diesel, and definitely from the chain cover (passenger side) of the engine. Growly, not tappy. To get the lifters, you gotta pull the cams, and to pull the cams, you need a special fixture to keep the timing chain taut, or you have to pull the chain. If you're going to pull the chain, you might as well lift the head and pull the pan, to pop the pistons out and re ring. It just keeps going. I'd run it tapping.
Well now I feel dumb. I don't know a lot about ohc. You know being a Chevy guy we tend to hate that stuff. Jk smile where are the lifters? I thought the cam lobes actuated the valves?
After really paying attention I have noticed the house doesnt come till a couple mins after starting It cold and only does it once in awhile might do it for 10 sec it 30 yesterday it did it continuously for 10 mins until it was warm. And only stopped for a couple shorts seconds at most. It's coming from the back of the engine where the exhaust manifold bolts up if you have your head on top of the engine its hard to hear it but you hear it clearly if you lean done towards the manifold . The noise is almost like its coming from the bottom of the head or very top of the block. I took a video but with all the noise it wouldnt help amymore than me just describing it.
It could well be carbon knock, have you tried a piston soak with GM top engine cleaner? It may be worth a shot, its easy enough to do on this engine and being an inline you can really soak the whole piston head.
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I've done several piston soaks LOL
Yes, was just going to say, LOL! You've done pretty much all of 'em grin
Yep but it goes almost 1000 miles before needing topped off with 5w30 so its a lot better still not good but its a lot better
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