Chevron Supreme ... recycled oil?

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Sep 16, 2003
Long Beach, CA
Tonight I was in a local Kragen buying a case of Chevron Supreme 10W-30 (which, with the rebate, came out at $0.69 per quart!).

The dude working the register said something about he was glad I was buying this oil, as it was good for the environment - since it was recycled.

"Yeah," I stammered. "I hear that this is a really good oil, even not considering the dirt-cheap price."

"Oh, yeah, it's fine," he replied. "All that oil that people bring back after it's used? It's just dirty. They clean it up and that's what this is. Nothing wrong with it at all."

Not being in the mood to get into an argument, I simply paid up and left. However....

This is a new one on me. Based on what I've read here, I'm almost completely certain that this guy was full of it. there ANYTHING to what he was saying? I'm torn between trying to give the guy some credit and wondering just how gullible I am this evening....
No...don't give him any credit.
Most used oil is burned in ships or turned into asphalt. Some oil is recycled into new motor oil, but I'm pretty sure chevron doesn't sell it.
As said, most used oil is mixed with bunker oil in ships. I was told by a ship engineer that the sluge left over is heavy with metals and such. They just dump it in the deep blue. If used oil is recycled then they ar PROUD to put that on the lable for all the "GREEN" people to buy. Recycled oil is rated as new and has been reformulated with new Additive packages. Any VOA's? Bet not. DaveJ
Although I believe most recycled oil goes into bunker fuel after cleaning, Chevron does make a recycled oil for those who insist. I have no idea of the price or volume, but it is called Chevron ECO Motor Oil, available in 10W-30 for gasoline engines with 68% of the base oil re-refined. spec says SJ, but it hasn't been updated in 3 yrs
Also an ECO Heavy Duty for Diesel engines in 15w40, 40, and 30 with 100% recycled. Spec says CH-4 but it hasn't been updated in 3 years.

The guy at the store was problably taking advantage of the old saying that a little knowledge is dangerous.
You have to master the art of staring at these guys and saying "oh yeah?" without believing a word they are saying.

These are the same "specialists" who are recommending Splitfire plugs and Slick50 to anyone who asks.


Originally posted by brad_d:
That's kinda what I figured. Thanks, everybody.

Hey, that's some nice oil, even if it was recycled, I'd use it, nothing wrong with it at all. It is a very healthy OTC oil at a decent cost. The guy at the store was talking through one of his probably many BLO-HOLES!
The last (and first) time that I heard of recycled oil in being available ...was about 7-10 years ago. It wasn't "cheap" either. I would imagine that collecting and trasporting used oil in such small quantities would close the gap to close to the expense of just pumping new stuff out of the ground.

Some larger municipal police departments were using it to foster the product into acceptance in a public energy conservation policy.

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the guy at advanced is a clown. ignore him. just because the oil is cheap he must assume its recycled. bet he never read the back of the bottle. this just proves how little these guys at the auto parts places know
And here I thought recycled consumer motor oil went right from the collection centers to the "Pioneer" (tm) chicken take-out places... Seriously, aren't blenders using re-refined product required to list the presence of the stuff on their labels?
Hey Brad, which long beach store did you go to? I noticed that you live in long beach. Not only do I live in long beach, but I also work at a Kragen but I know **** well that I dont work at the store that dumbass works at telling you chevron is recycled. Everyone at my store knows that chevron is some pretty good conventioal oil. Hell, I wouldnt be on this board for nothing. I work over at the Spring and Palo Verde store next to millikan high. Stop by, introduce yourself one of these days. As for the splitfires and slick 50...well, we are pretty much told to sell that sh*t (<--didnt mean to say it but it's true) by our district managers because of a contest the bastards at coorporate made up to see which store can sell the most of that particular product. If the district manager sees that we aren't selling enough of that product, we get crap from him because he wants his nice bonus at the end of the month. Anyways, glad to see a local near me. Cheers.
I live in Long Beach, but I work in Pasadena and this Recycled Chevron Incident took place up there - the Kragen on Colorado Blvd., real close to Allen. I don't normally buy car stuff up there but I was running around town doing other things Friday night and I was passing by.

I've been to your store several times - next time I'm in there I'll speak up.
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