Chevron Delo ESI grease

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Oct 25, 2017
A Highway Near You
Does anyone have any long term or fleet experience with Delo ESI grease (the red Delo stuff)? I switched to it a couple years ago from the regular Delo grease (blue stuff) and I'm starting to see steering component wear in applications that never did before. Trying to figure out what's up. Both used are #2.
No experience with the ESI, but after looking at the cut sheets I would expect the ESI to be an improvement if used in the same application with the same greasing interval. Did you extend your greasing interval when you switched greases?
Yes...we went a bit longer...that was the whole point of switching to the ESI. The hype was you could really push things double..I maybe went about 30% longer.
Noticing wear in some steering components on my GM stuff...particularly tie rods and pitman arms. Otherwise it seems fine. Some stuff is short haul, other stuff is long haul highway use.
Went double on the front wheels bearing repack on 2 Lexus LX470 vehicles. Highway miles. After 120k miles nothing visibly different. The problem with this application is that the vehicle is overbuilt, and it might have been 'the same' with any decent grease in that application. if you really need something durable, look at LE - Lubrication Engineers products. I also hear that TRC grease is in that class as well.
LE and TRC do make very good greases. TRC 880 in particular is very good - especially in any application exposed to water. Schaeffer makes good greases also. Nearly any grease with a calcium or aluminum complex thickener will be an improvement in a chassis application compared to a lithium complex grease.
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