Check out this chainsaw deal

Nov 4, 2003
Went into my local Ace Home Center looking for some drip irrigation tips which took me past the chainsaw aisle. I noticed a sign that said "As Is, No Returns" on a Solo chainsaw. It had 636 on the top cover, but the bottom was an odd yellow-orange color instead of the traditional red. I thought it looked too big for a 636, which is a small limbing saw. I looked at the sticker inside the grip and it said 645. The price was marked down to $111.90. I asked the girl behind the counter what the deal was and she said the previous person who took care of that department threw the box away. The saw had been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years and they weren't carrying Solo saws anymore. I asked if it wouldn't crank if she would take it back. She said she would. SOLD!!!! Went home and researched it a bit online and found out Solo had tried to sell what they called a 636 Magnum a few years ago that is basically the 645 they sell in Europe - a 45cc saw. Anyway, I put in a little gas with some Mobil 2-stroke oil and she fired on the second pull. I pushed in the choke and it cranked on the first pull. The saw runs like a champ and I just put it through its paces trimming a variety of shrubs and trees around the house. It came with a 16-inch bar and Solo chain, which is safety chain. I'll order some Woodland Pro chains from Bailey's and be ready to really do some cutting then.