cheap prescription safety glasses?

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Jun 15, 2003
The online cheap eyeglass places DO NOT, as a rule, have these, or at least under easily searchable stats. Want ANSI Z87 (.1, 2003?) prescription single vision lens glasses with side shields. Online shopping is difficult, as the search term "prescripton" returns lots of "Prescription-ready" stuff. mad Would consider Walmart, I guess. Finding some gun related websites, but they assume if I've got "gun money" I would pay what they're asking... edit, found these
ok, zenni has 'em but you have to search by "safety", you can't browse, and they don't claim to meet spec.
My Current glasses are from $39, mine aren't saftey, but they do have 'em (as you found in that link) no complaints about them. Customer service was fairly good as well (i only say fairly cuz they were a bit slow in responses [day or two]) my first pair of glasses, i ordered the "College" frame (think the old fashioned black plastic nerdy glasses) I loved 'em, everyone i know hated them. contacted CS with the name of the new style frame i wanted(same price), all i had to do was send them back, got my second pair without delay, and without having to send more $$. $45 (shipped) for a complete pair of glasses w/ single vision polycarb. lenses, hard case, microfiber pouch, a lens cloth, and screwdriver. i can't really complain.
Wound up going with walmart. $9 frames, $10 each lens. These look like what your high school wood shop teacher wore, I promise!
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