Changes to Motul X-lite?

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Nov 29, 2005
Motul X-lite 0w30 is top of my list of oils to try. However, looking at the website last night I noticed that the oil and its approvals seem to have changed. It no longer has BMW LL-098 or VW 503.01 approval. VI has dropped from 177 to 171 (viscosity at 100c is the same) and pour point has dropped from -51c to -54c. The TDS no longer says 'ester based' although the website does. MSDS lists - phosphorodithioic acid, mixed o,o-bis(1,3-dimethylbutyl and iso-pr) esters, zinc salts 1<= x % < 2.5 Does this signal a change in base oils, perhaps to grp III+ and that Motul are focusing on their Specific ranges for major manufacturer approvals? I would be surprised if they switched from an ester base but I guess anything is possible. Anyone shed some light? hermit
What's the date on the spec sheet? The one I see is 2006 and it still has the 177 VI. BTW, VW 503.01 is an old spec and has been dropped.
Hi hermit. You're probabily right and Motul has "watered down" their X-lite 0W-30 with some GP III base oils. BTW isn't this a heavy HTHSV 3.5cP oil? Wouldn't their Eco-lite 0W-30 be more appropriate in a light 30wt application?
Hi CATERHAM Yes its HTHSV is 3.6cP. Not looking to use this in my Auris, but in my next planned purchase blush Looking to buy a used CR-V III and was thinking of using an ester based oil to help with initial clean-up. Maybe I'll throw a litre of 0w20 300v in with the X-lite if they've reduced the ester content. These can run A5B5 or A3B3, so if not X-lite it will probably be a toss up between Total Quartz 0w30 (A3B4) or Helix Ultra AS 0w30 (A5B5). cheers hermit
Petrol R20A. Honda manual states for europe A1B1 or A5B5 or A3B3, any viscosity from 0w20 to 10w40. Favourite seems to be 0w30. hermit
Lightest being lowest HTHSV? I guess that would be an A5B5. I like the Helix Ultra AS as it also has GM LL-A-025 and Saab turbo approval. My guess is its a pretty tough oil, though unlike the Extra 5w30 it doesn't mention slack wax on the MSDS. I assume the HTHSV will be about 2.9? Any advantage in going for an A3B4? hermit
VI is down to 171 (from 177) KV @ 40 is up to 68.7 (from 66.5) Density is down to 0.853 (from 0.856) HTHS is up to 3.6 (from 3.57) It's still API SL though the spec sheet no longer uses the word "ester". It was my understanding that the previous X-Lite 0w30 had the highest ester content of any of their street oils, save 300V. With these newer specs, the shear stability should actually be a touch better! The new sheet is dated October 2011: 8100 X-lite 0W-30 Gasoline and Diesel engine oil 100% Synthetic TYPE OF USE Specifically designed for powerful and recent cars, Diesel direct injection or Gasoline engines and catalytic converters. Suitable for all type of fuels: leaded or unleaded Gasoline, Diesel fuels and LPG. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS ACEA A3 / B4 API SL / CF PERFORMANCES MB 229.3 VW 502 00 – 505 00 This 100% synthetic engine oil has been formulated, developed and tested according to the most recent technical requirements. Exceeds the most stringent specified engine performance limits required by European and US car manufacturers. Provides extra oil film resistance at high temperature and very severe conditions thanks to its High HTHS viscosity (> 3.5 mPa.s). The performance ACEA B4 request an outstanding detergent / dispersant power and a better viscosity increase resistance due to soot needed for a perfect lubrication of last generation Direct Injection Diesel engines (exception for VW unit injector engines asking for at least MOTUL Specific 505 01 502 00 505 00 5W-40 or MOTUL 8100 X-clean 5W-40). RECOMMENDATION Drain interval: refer to manufacturers’ recommendations and tune to your own use. Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils. PROPERTIES Viscosity grade SAE J 300 0W-30 Density at 20°C (68°F) ASTM D1298 0.853 Viscosity at 40°C (104°F) ASTM D445 68.7 mm²/s Viscosity at 100°C (212°F) ASTM D445 11.9 mm²/s HTHS viscosity at 150°C (302°F) ASTM D4741 3.6 mPa.s Viscosity index ASTM D2270 171 Pour point ASTM D97 -54°C / -65.2°F Flash point ASTM D92 232°C / 450°F Sulfated ash ASTM D874 1.5% weight TBN ASTM D2896 11.2 mg KOH/g
Thanks for posting that dparm. Am i right in assuming the ester mentioned in the MSDS is not the base oil, because if so that states less than 2.5%. Doesn't sound right. I looked, and ester is not mentioned on the Eco-lite MSDS either. hermit
dparm, where did you find the new data sheet? When I click on the link that hermit provided I am <span style="font-style: italic">immediately</span> and automatically redirected to the USA site, where only the 2006 TDS is available.
I Googled "motul x-lite pds".
Thanks dparm. Overall it seems that these changes by Motul are intended to reduce raw materials costs, and not necessarily to improve the performance of the oil. Will be interesting to see if the price of X-Lite goes down.
Was looking at prices of this oil recently, and it has gone up , not down. 5L jugs used to sell for around $60-$65, but now are selling online for around $70 -$80. Is that price up there with the 300V oils?
^^^The new formula, Ester Core, 300V oils (in the 0W-xx weights at least) are ~ $33.00 a 2 liter tin now. So the answer is yes, as it's just a hair more for the 300V brew. BUT, a 300V 0W-30 DOES NOT EXIST, save for the pure race, crazy short OCI, mostly impossible to find or get, and ~ $70.00 a 2 liter tin Nismo Competition version. So, it is impossible to compare prices, exact weight to exact weight, without mixing.
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