Champion COS10575 - 5K Miles C&P

Jun 6, 2006
Great White North.. eh
I continue to be impressed by this stash of Champion filters I purchased on Rock Auto close out a few years back. Original thread:

Virgin C&P

Thread of a 10590 I cut open a while back:

COS10590 C&P:

Pics of the one I decided to cut open today. Just pulled off the ATS 2.0T after 5k miles running Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 Dexos1G2.

Very well built filter. The can is thick, media showing no signs of fatigue and the ADBV is as soft and compliant as any silicon product I've laid hands on. The bypass valve is well designed attached to a sturdy/strong coil spring at the bottom.

It really seems a shame to pull it off so early. It could easily go double the mileage IMO. However the ATS is headed on a big road trip and I wanted to send it off with fresh oil.
Aug 21, 2012
South Carolina
Nice. Thanks for the C&P. I got 5 of them from RA when they were clearance them out. I got the model for the Hyundai's / Kia's. Very nice filters. Unfortunately, I used them all and have none left. I guess they're no longer made. Shame.