Champ PH820 011514ES1 cut & post #3

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Oct 3, 2015
Houston, Texas
If nothing is eventful, I usually do not make a cut & post but, someone wanted to see some recent eCore cut and posts. smile Enjoy!!! smile Oil change date: 04/08/2017 Miles on vehicle: 170504 Miles in service: 3231 Days in service: 56 Oil: Motorcraft Premium Synthetic Blend 5W30 Filter: Champ PH820 No filter issues to report. Filter performed as advertised. Champ Lab PH820 filter label. Date code: 011514ES1 08:34 January 15, 2014 08:34 am Base plate exterior. Base plate interior. I do not believe the rust was there when I cut it on the change date. Combo valve on the filter element. ADBV facing away from the filter element. Combo vale positioned on the base plate. Combo valve end of the filter element. Leaf spring. Element view #1. Element view #2. Element view #3. This is about as crooked as I have seen the pleats on an eCore. This filter seems to have a bit more carbon in the depths of the pleats. This would be expected as this filter came from an earlier time in a clean up phase.
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