Cen-Pe-Co 0W-20 & 5W-30 Full Synthetic Oil

The name reminds me of the old Cenex oil and gas that was popular in some parts. There is no relation here from what I have read.
Alot of threads on here about CenPeCo oil. Lots of people believe it's a great oil, and right in line, or just behind, Schaeffers. I've never run it personally, but have seen a few UOAs and it seems like good stuff. Just not enough moly for me for personal reasons. Apparently they've been around over 100 years. You don't stay in business that long without making a quality product.
CenPeCo is located in Walcott, Iowa, a small rural town west of the Quad Cities. Walcott is known for its famous I-80 Truckstop, arguably the largest truckstop complex in the country.

I grew up near there and figure they must serve farmers and ag businesses. Ended up settling in Alaska. I do like scenery other than corn...
You have to understand that when an oil has no licenses, specifications nor approvals all you're left with are testimonials and reputation. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. Hence the ambulances and fire trucks.
Right, like HPL that's a new favorite here.
Right, like HPL that's a new favorite here.
But the difference being HPL has documented their technical ability here multiple times and that works for me with their reputation. Their posts on this board show their technical knowledge and they’ve repeatedly given detailed and comprehensive answers to questions which reinforces their other claims about their products.

I have a problem with these blenders that give a whiny “we just don’t want to pay for the certs” as their first and only response.