Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10W40 LS

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I saw a UOA of Castrol Tection 15W40 on a raced/tracked Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 that was nearly perfect. Is this a similar oil?
Hi, Interesting . This looks like Enduron Low SAPS 10w-40 which has been around for at least seven years . Enduron Low-SAPS y. 2011 ...and year 2007 : Upgrade of base oil formulation? Vecton says "full syn" instead of "synthetic technology"... Maybe the Enduron is being phased out... Ah ,and I liked the "must" in this :
" Caution: Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10W-40 LS must not be used in... petrol engines. "
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This oil might be good for TBN depletors like my 09 BMW X5 35d, if I could get some here in the US. And I don't need a 55 gal drum of it, just a couple of 20L jugs.
If it's a good price and were brought to North America, it might be a competitor to Delvac 1 LE 5w-30. If it's not a good price, well, we know how that will go.
Vecton LD 10w40 LS has replaced Enduron LS. Tection 15w40 was available as a CJ-4/E9 and a CI-4+/E7 but not E6. Tection has been replaced by Vecton 15w40(CJ-4) and RX Super (CI-4+) Do you want me to post you some over? laugh 20L will only cost about $150 but postage will be about $200 lol
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